Apr 14, 2018

Huge Stationery Haul

Besides makeups and food, stationery gives me the same excitement. I have been collecting some of my purchases and gifts to make this haul. I hope you'll find something you'll like here.

Gift from my brother

My brother gave me a set of stencils which meant to use for bujo. Of course, you can use it however you like. There are a lot of options for shapes and sizes. But the stencil isn't user-friendly. It is flimsy and slippery, so it doesn't grip on the paper. It took me some time to get used to the texture and it keeps slipping off the paper. So I had to draw it with pencil first and trace it later with a pen. Storing the stencils also challenge because it comes in a separated plastic bag, I have a problem keeping all of them together. I might need to buy a clear folder to rearrange them properly.

Gifts from Lady Alie

When it comes to crafting & journaling, it is nice to have a few friends to share the interest. My friend gave me all these for my birthday - ZIG Clean Color FB, Stamptitude Wax Seal, and a washi tape cutter. So far I've tested the washi tape cutter - it's brilliant! It makes cutting off the tape really easy. And I use the ZIG brush pens sparsely because I have very bad handwriting. I don't want to waste it. I haven't explore the wax stamp yet because I want to keep it in the pristine condition. It's just so perfect that I "sayang" to use.

Popular Bookstore

I love to go to the old classic Popular Bookstore just to browse magazines, check out new books and of course, stationery shopping. In my Popular stash, I got the Stabilo Pastel Love Mini, the normal Stabilo Boss highlighters, Stabilo classic 2B pencil and UniPin Fine Line drawing pen. Stabilo has been doing pretty well with their new highlighters and I especially love the pastel ones. I bought the classic pencil as well, because I work with different materials such as wood & canvas which I can't use a mechanical pencil with. Lastly, the UniPin drawing pen has been my favourite pen to draw because it is waterproof. You can even use a watercolour on top of it, it just won't smudge. It comes with variety of tip sizes - from 1.0 to 0.05.


I recently discovered Smidapaper, a stationery/craft shop at Gurney Plaza, Penang. When I entered the shop my heart was jumping so fast. It has all the branded stationery and craft supplies that I have been eyeing on for a long time. I spend almost an hour in the shop, in the end I walked out of the shop with 2 pieces of stickers, a full set Traveller's Notebook in 2018 agenda, plus an additional blank refill. I am totally into the cult of Traveller's Journal now. Will blog about it in a separate post once I have more content to share.

Wanderlust Things

Wanderlust Things is the best online store to get your journal supplies (ahem....). What I got here are lots of large gold paper clips, 3 washi tapes and a gold dish. The Minim Gold Dish is my favourite. It looks really pretty however you style it. It's even safe for food. Since right now is Sakura season, I have 2 sakura washi tapes - one in light blue (my fav!) and another in classic pink. As for the large paper clips, you can do so much with it. Stay tuned for my tutorial on how to make a bookmark out of the paper clip.


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