Jun 28, 2019

Good & Authentic Hainanese Food in Penang: Khoon Pastry House

When it comes to food in Penang, we often look for char kuey teow, nasi kandar, laksa, etc. For a change, I recommend you to the Hainanese food at Khoon Pastry House.

As a Penangite who was born and bred on the island, Khoo Pastry House is the go-to place for Hakka/Western food during my childhood. This restaurant has been operating for 3 generations and the business is still going strong.

The most popular dish on the menu has got to be the Hainanese Chicken Chop. They are very generous with the sauce and the chicken is cooked tenderly. The secret to this dish is the brown sauce that is fragrant with a hint of black pepper.

The Hainanese Noodle takes the second place. This dish has a myriad of yellow noodle and vermicelli cooked in chicken broth. This is the typical Hainanese daily dish at home. If you're up for some really authentic Hainanese single dish, you have to try this.

For side dish, you can never go wrong with the fried spring roll. The stuffing is really generous and the popiah skin is deep fried till crispy brown. Although it is good to be eaten on its own, they do serve the spring roll with their own homemade sauce.

The Khoon Pastry House has very limited seats and they don't do bookings. The restaurant is usually packed during lunch or dinner time. There are also complaints that the owners are rude, rest assured, we don't think that is a fair comment. During peak time, it is very difficult to please all the diners. And we didn't experience any rudeness. The owner even recommended us the dishes and explain the list of the options we had. If the restaurant were packed, do take the opportunity to take away some of their pastries that are beautifully arranged at the entrance.

Address: 29, Jalan Argyll, Georgetown, Penang
Business hour: Opens daily (except Sunday); 11am-3pm and 6pm-9pm

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