Jan 21, 2013

Hong Kong Mini Haul & Not-so-useful Shopping Tips

Hallo... I'm back from HK now. Yup! I know that's a quick trip. I was there for only 24 hours, or less. It wasn't a planned trip, in fact I bought the ticket few hours before I fly. After the Bangkok trip, I was freaking tired to the point I thought I was going to collapse anytime soon. But I had to go to HK because the mister is leaving for Germany for a few weeks. If I don't go over, we will only get to see each other after CNY. I feel like I'm in a long distance relationship. But what to do... he has to work. The more hardworking he is, the better our future is right? So I cannot complain.

I arrived with zero money because I didn't have time to change it. It was the most insecure feeling ever. I wanted to take the train but I couldn't find my MTR card. I started to panic. And all I could do is to hop on to a taxi, at least I can ask the mister to pay for it when I reach the hotel. I started to dig my purse and I didn't know what I was looking for. It was a panic attack. And then miracle happened.............. I found HKD500 in purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then another panic attack swarm right in....... will the taxi meter reach above HKD500? Anyway, I went through that horrifying moment and glad it's over.

With less than 24 hours there, I didn't have time to shop much (and I also had no money to buy anything). But the mister bought for me this.........

Burberry Blue Label Winter 2012/2013 full leather bag. I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a big fan of Burberry Blue Label bags because it's a bit hard to find. Burberry Blue Label is only available in Japan and Hong Kong. If you're there, go and get one, and you won't find anyone with the same bag as you.

Actually there weren't any bag that really caught my eye. I was thinking not to get anything. This bag is the best among all that they have, but not really the one that I would die for. So, of all the bags I tried on this one. The mister prolonged my thinking cos he tried on some jackets. He bought a trench coat and a hoodie from the Black Label. He must be thinking that I really like the bag because he kept saying, "If you want take lah".

Anyway, I love the bag so much now because it's so spacious! And it feels really solid and durable. I'm going to make this my everyday bag. It also comes with a useful-but-not-so-useful pad lock for the zipper...

When I found out the price I feel so guilty. It's HKD10,000 which is the most expensive Blue Label bag. Normally Burberry Blue Label bags are around HKD6,000 only. Judging from the quality, I think it's worth it. He's already paying for my flight ticket and now this. I don't normally spend that much, but I'm still very happy. Happy and guilty.

Oh ya... some unrelated stuff to tell you girls. When the mister paid for the stuff, I notice that he's using the wallet I bought for him. Here's a gift tips for girls out there in relationship. Buying wallet for your other half is not just a simple gesture as buying wallet per se. It's a very effective way to control your man. Hahahahaha... That way, it is unlikely that he will spend on other girls. Even if he does, when he takes out his wallet, it will remind him of your presence and send some guilt to his head. If you want more gift tips for your man, ask me. I'm so good at this! I never have a problem buying gifts for the mister and each gift comes with added value to the relationship. LOLOLOLOL!!!!

I really recommend you to get Burberry Blue Label if you ever travel to HK or Japan, because:

1. You cannot get it anywhere else. It makes you feel exclusive. And more importantly, hardly anyone in Malaysia will have the same bag as you.
2. As compared to the mainstream Burberry, there are a lot of imitation out there. What's the point of getting a Burberry bag that everyone on the street can afford?
3. It's really durable. I bought one 3 years ago and been using it as my everyday bag. It's still in perfect condition. Since I'm a heavy user and super rough (I even broke a Chanel bag chain before), I'm surprised it's still in good condition.

Burberry Blue Label is at Fashion Walk, near Sogo Causeway Bay. If you can't find it then just walk into Burberry in Sogo and ask them for direction. It's within walking distance.

Damn.... Burberry Blue Label should be paying me for all these testimonials.

Next, is something which I really love!!! Tinkerbell necklace from Disneyland...

The souvenir shops in Disneyland sell almost the same thing everywhere. But there's a shop that sells fine products, I can't remember the name of the shop, but it's on the Main Street, two doors away from Corner Cafe. It is the only shop that I will buy my souvenir from because they actually use real Swarovski crystal for their souvenir.

When I was in the airport, I met up with my friend, Nicole. She gave me some confectionery from Kee Wah Bakery. It is a famous bakery in HK. She got me their famous Butter Eggrolls and Mini Walnut Cookies.

I wanted to buy their Mango Cake, Sak Kei Mah and Pork Thins at the airport. Unfortunately I almost miss my flight. The next time I MUST buy. It's so good you can die after you eat it! Maybe I'm exaggerating but it's all worth the exaggeration.

Lastly, my staple from the airport.... The DOM...

DOM is the healthy way to get drunk. This has became my drugs before my exam and I've been addicted to it. It's a good addiction actually. I don't actually addicted to taking it but it really gives me energy that I need. If I don't take this, I'll feel sleepy and tired the next day. You should try it (non-halal by the way) if you want to be more alert at work. And it is especially effective to replenish nutrients for mom during confinement period.

That's all for my haul this time. I know that's very little compared to all my travel shoppings.

If you want a FREE TRIP TO HONG KONG, don't forget to check out my blog post <<here>>. The entire HK is tax free, so branded goods are much cheaper in HK. And don't be surprised if you can't find tax return counter in the airport. And if you go to their duty free shop in Tsim Sha Tsui, they pack the full size beauty products with some deluxe sample free gifts.

Remember to join the free HK trip contest ya! Only few people join it, there's a high chance you might win the trip. And let me know if you win, OK?


Dewie Aprillia said...

omygosss...love your burberry dear!!!
cuteee :D

follow back pleasee :)

illy ariffin said...

wah.. so nice :) I never been to HK before.. Glad that you had fun there!

Iris said...

Hi Jerine, I am a student at the age of 20 only, I have hard time staying awake study till the wee hour for exam and even if I do, I experience bad skin like breakouts and heavy dark circle the next day and I sometimes can't recall what I memorise last night. Do you think DOM is suitable for my age?

Jerine said...

@Dewie Aprillia: Thanks. Will check out your blog soon.

@illy ariffin: You should go. You'll shop til you drop!

@Iris: I think it shouldn't be a problem for you to take one shot before you sleep. Have you tried Brands?

Iris said...

Hi Jerine, I tried brands, it doesn't work. I dozed off when I open my book to memorise all the case laws and I been sleeping alot still the tiredness and sleepy feeling come and been struggling to stay up late.

Anonymous said...

I think you should blog more althought you're so busy because I love all your blog post. Keep it up girl!

Jerine said...

@Iris: If that's the case, I think you can try Dom. Remember to drink only one shot at night. Too much also not good.

@Anonymous: Thank you. I will try to blog more often.

Jenni said...

omg lol I live in hk and don't know about the goodness of Burberry blue label!! I went LMAO re: gifts with added value to the relationship!! hahahah what other gifts do u suggest besides wallets?

have you tried Tai Cheong Bakery? their egg tarts are so good that the ex governor of hk will visit their store for egg tarts everytime he went to hk again! heeeheee :D lemme know next time u come again!

Jerine said...

Jenni: I've heard of the Tai Cheong but never get to try it because I don't know where it is. Now that you mention, I really have to go back there for it.