Nov 15, 2014

[Weekend Edition] Alexa Chung's IT Book

Do I need to introduce who Alexa Chung is? I guess not. But if you don't know, she's one of a top self-made model. Some of her major appearances are face of DKNY & Lacoste, music video appearances for Westlife, catwalking for Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Pepe Jeans and many more. Recently she launched her range of bags for Longchamp. Flip any beauty magazine, and you'll see her face.

Unlike most of the fashion models, Alexa is one rare phenomena, putting her in the same category as Kate Moss & Cara Delevingne. She's gotten the nickname the "It Girl" for being original, beautiful, clever and modern girl. That's the right definition for "it" girl by the way.

And so.... she wrote a book titled "IT". I've been looking for it for a  long time, unfortunately I couldn't find it anywhere. Surprisingly, I found it in a bookshop in Indonesia. So I quickly grabbed it.

It quickly became a good travel companion. Basically, the reading is light, fun and short. The content is very original, somewhat like reading a diary of a very interesting piece of mind. The topic that she covers is very wide - everything under the sun. From fashion, her family stories, growing up experience, being a groupie, summer rave party, weird tips and tricks and many more.

This book is perfect for lazy weekend and travel. It's not very educational per se, but it's definitely mind-opening. Every girl age below 30 should have this on your coffee table. It is fun to read. I find myself turning page after page, and I finished the entire book in less than an hour. I wanted more, except there's nothing more to it, so I turned back the pages and enjoyed the photos instead. Most of the teaching sounds like what your mom would have told you but she never did...

Note that if you're a serious reader you might find this book pointless or a waste of time. This is why I put this book in the category of lazy weekend or travel. It is those kind of books you will want to read while enjoying your coffee or suntanning on the beach. Don't take it too seriously. Don't judge the language or anything beyond the words. Just enjoy the pun.

Weekend Edition posts are short blog posts that not related to beauty. And it's published only on weekend, duh!


LauraLeia said...

From that snippet your posted, I think I need to get this book. It's sorta like Lang Leav's book(s), except without the poems and sad/love stories, haha

Jerine said...

@LauraLeia: I will release more sneak peek on Insta soon :) To tempt you.