Nov 17, 2014

Tips for Working from Home

Hello Monday! It's the beginning of working week again and let's talk about work today.

With the rise of technology, more and more companies are encouraging their employees to work from home. It saves cost, save time and increase productivity (if you use the opportunity properly). I've been working from home for almost one and half years. I hope I can share with you some tips that I learn along the way to make your experience working from home an enjoyable one.

#1 - Wake up normal hour
It is so tempting to sleep in, especially when you have a flexible hour. Avoid the temptation. Wake up as usual, like how you wake up when you have a 9 to 5 job. It is to train your body on your awake-and-sleep pattern. My dad told me anything that has got to do in changing your body is the hardest but when you set a pattern to it, it becomes a normal thing to do.

#2 - Make yourself available during working hour
Set your working time and chain yourself at your work desk (not literally). Let's say your normal working hour is 9am to 5pm, you have to put your job as your top priority during those hours. If you want to take an hour off to run your errands, make sure you bring your phone along and answer every call. Make sure all your important tasks are done before you take your time to do your house work. I always reply my emails early in the morning. While waiting for the replies, I'll take 10 minutes to do my laundry or to sweep my floor. The most important thing is to make yourself available to your job at working hour.

#3 - Allocate a work space
Get yourself a work desk. Or if you can afford, make a room into a work office. Make sure everything in the vicinity of your work place is only related to your work. This allows you to separate your personal life from your work life. And it helps you concentrate better, especially when your bed, tv, kitchen, pool, etc. are constantly tempting you to slack off.

#4 - Stay connected
Although you're away from office, remember to stay connected with your colleagues and especially your bosses. Discuss with them about work during office hour (this is also a good way to show that you're actually working at home). Whenever you have to make decision, make sure you get approval from your bosses or discuss it with your colleagues first. Always remember that working from home is a big disadvantage when it comes to communication and communication is the key to maintaining relationship with others. In a situation where your boss has a chance to promote someone, the person sitting in office has double the chance compared to you. This is why you need to stay connected with everyone in the office despite not being there in physical form. Remember, out of sight out of mind.

#5 - Hangout with your team
This is part of #4. Do make time for lunch with your team/boss/colleagues at least once every fortnightly. This gives you the opportunity to catch up on what's happening in the office. Be included in your team. Remind them that you are part of their team so that you're not left out in any opportunities available. When you're not around, your presence can be easily slipped off their minds.

For a positive vibes for working from home, always separate your personal life from your working life. The most import thing is to separate your time, space and mind. Remember to stay connected with those whom you are working with. When you're in the comfort of working from home, you might forget that relationship is very important. Stay connected with everyone.

I hope you appreciate these tips. If you are working from home and have more tips to share with me, do comment below so I can learn from you as well.

Happy working week everyone!


Princess Neverland said...

I'm so tempted to work from home!

Farisha Nadia said...

Excellent tips, thank you for sharing :)