Oct 5, 2015

Gifting with Meaning

Last year I started a small e-commerce site because it is a cool thing to do these days. By the end of the year, I ran out of options to maintain my business and eventually closed down the business. It was around Christmas, and my friend Chris got me the Sophia Amoruso's #GirlBoss book.

To her, this is the best gift at the right time. She wanted to give me a book on business tips, hoping I can learn something from it. However, the book she gave me is not about business at all. It is about the founder of Nasty Girl, started with dumpster diving, selling clothes on eBay and now owning a billion dollar business. She had mistakenly bought a book thinking it is a business guide book. However, it is an inspirational book that only inspires itself. Despite carefully picked by Chris, the book is not for me. It doesn't speak to me. I don't know how it can be useful for my venture into fashion business.

Chris didn't have to give me the book. She didn't owe me anything. However, she spent the 1 hour of her lifetime looking for something which she thought can help me improve in my career. That 1 hour she could have spent it with her family. She could have used the 1 hour to replenish her sleep. She could have saved that 1 hour doing something meaningful for herself. But she chose to spend it on me. The book costs her more than just 1 hour. It also cost her money. She spent RM80+ on me. That could have lasted her a week of groceries!

But, that didn't matter at all. It is not the book that I cherish. Material things come and go. In fact, material things don't mean anything. It is the gesture of how it is presented that mean something

The thing that I truly appreciate is friendship like Chris'. And I am blessed with wonderful friends who are like Chris. I am thankful that I am surrounded by genuine people who are constantly wishing nothing but the best for me.

Yvonne got me the rosary from Vatican, hoping that my prayer becomes more effective. She also got for me the Victoria's Secret's limited Bombshell holiday collection from London because I'm a big fan of Bombshell perfume. This shows that I'm always in her mind wherever she goes to.

Shikin got for me my very first SK-II product - the famous Facial Treatment Essence. She was promoting it to me after she use it and sworn by it. I was reluctant to get it, obviously because of the steep price. Without any hesitation, she bought a 215ml bottle for me at the airport during our holiday. She really wanted to share the good things with me. And I'm glad she did. It has been my staple beauty product ever since. I still keep the empty bottle of the SK-II FTE that Shikin gave me.

Alicia got me a patch of grass. It is quite funny. But I need the grass so badly at that time because I was taking photographs on real grass. It was so inconvenient. With the fake grass, I could take photo comfortably at home. Recently, she got me skin moisturizer tester. Oh my, I wanted this so badly. As a beauty blogger, this machine will definitely help me a lot! She always take note of the little things I want and need.

These are just a few of the very thoughtful gifts that I received from my friends. There are a lot more and I can't possibly list all of it.

The greatest gift I've ever received in my life is friendship. Sometimes it is odd to me that how these people are not biologically related to me, not compelled to care for me, but willing to do it anyway. And it is nice to know that I'm always in their mind wherever they go. The bond is something magical that I can't explain. I am truly fortunate to have these girls in my life.

Share with me what is your most meaningful gifts by commenting on this post and stand a chance to win the SK-II Pitera Essence set (containing the iconic Facial Treatment Essence 75ml, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 30ml, and a piece of Facial Treatment Essence Mask) worth RM229. Contest end Oct 15, 2015. The best story will win. Good luck!

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Xin Yu said...

The most meaningful gift I have ever received is a hand-sewn tote bag from my mom on my birthday last year. I was so touched! She made it all by herself, handsewn stitch by stitch, no sewing machine involved. What touches me is that her eyesight isn’t good all these while, yet she went through all the trouble to make me a tote bag. She secretly sew it, without me knowing, despite I’m home almost everyday. I don’t know how she did it, but she did. Perhaps that was the reason why there was a period that she kept encouraging me to go out and meet my friends. The size is just perfect and the craftsmanship is just flawless. It’s a perfect bag for me to throw in all my “junks”, my humongous water bottle, my ipad, my cosmetic pouch. The broad shoulder straps lessen the weight directly on the shoulders. So comfortable and functional to carry it everywhere . She even chose my favourite fabric print, bright big floral prints on dark background. What can I say, mom knows best :)

QuirkyLilPrincess said...

The most meaningful gift I have received was from my boyfriend and also my girlfriends for my 25th birthday. My boyfriend is not a planner, it is always me who plans out our outings and I even made sure that usually birthdays are planned by me.

This year, he told me that he has everything sorted out, naturally I was nervous cause he doesn't usually plan things but he gave me the gift of time because he took his time to plan it out with my friends and everything went smoothly.

My girlfriends are always busy but they gave me the gift of their time and friendship by making it to my birthday dinner despite the fact that it was a public holiday and the next day was a working day. One of my friends got the toy story alien cover from Tokyo Disneyland when she was there and kept it in secret knowing how much I loved that little alien and she did not even tell me that she got it so that she can surprise me on my birthday.

My other friend got me this huge hat that resembled Sandara Park's hat which I loved a lot because she knew much I am into YG Entertainment and Kpop and I was actually blonde at that time and the hat was perfect match!

I think the most meaningful gift you can ever receive is someone's time and love because those are gifts that are irreplaceable and I got those from my boyfriend and friends.

Unknown said...

The most meaningful gift I've ever received was the gift of love from my boyfriend. It was something so immensely powerful that even money can’t buy.

Through his strength of love for me, I’ve been able to get through the darkest days without shedding a tear. I’ve become someone who has no fear in choosing the road less taken because I know that he will be right beside me to pull me through, forever and always 

Unknown said...

The most meaningful gift I've received from my boyfriend is the protection kits made of mini alarm and pepper spray. It's precious to me as this is the best protection he could have give me right now.

Having a distant relationship for five years and still counting is never an easy feeling to convey. We know very well that we can't be right-on-time for each other. Still, he did his very best, as a boyfriend to ensure I'm protected and be as safe as possible.

Being apart from family and him, I need to be independent and rely on those good friends around me. And with this precious gift, I know my safety is prioritised. :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Dana, my baby girl. She is the most meaningful gift I have received in my life.

My husband and I got married in December 2012. We decided to have a baby in the following year. Therefore, we well-planned and scheduled our goal. Month after month, we tried but there was not any good news. We tried again and again. My period was always late and it gave me hope that i will be pregnant. Sadly, all we saw was a single line on the pregnancy test (not pregnant) every single month. I was so sad and I thought there was something wrong in me. I reached to the point where I gave up because I was too devastated to see the same result every time. So, I stopped planning.

One day, my brother and I planned to go for a blood donation organised by the government hospital in a local university. When we reached the location, we found out that the hospital personnel have left as they have reached their quota of the day. Without a second thought, we drove to the hospital directly to complete our mission. Yes, we were determined! I was called first for the blood test before the nurse takes my blood. Normally, the nurse will ask if we are feeling all right before they proceed with the blood donation. I was fine but I informed the nurse that my period was late for a week and this happens almost every month after my marriage. For your information, pregnant woman is not allowed to participate in blood donation. To be on the safe side, the nurse refused to take my blood and adviced me to go to the policlinic nearby my house for a pregnancy test. I was hesitated to go for the pregnancy test as I can foresee the result. Oh well, we just go for it because we have plenty time to waste. It took about 3 hours for the whole procedure because the policlinic was too crowded. When my name was called to get the result, the nurse handled me a few pieces of filled forms without any explanation. I was so clueless and confused so I got my brother to read the report. He told me that it was stated that I'm pregnant. Me? Pregnant? I couldn't believed what I have heard. I asked the nurse and she said it is positive. I still couldn't believe it. I went around and asked nurses and doctors for confirmation. At some point, I felt the nurses and doctors thought I was crazy. So, we headed home and I told my husband about the news. He could not believe it either. The reason that kept us doubting the result was because first, I did not conceived even I planned and scheduled well. How come I am pregnant when I gave up in planning? Second, do you know what was the date I went for the pregnancy test in the policlinic? It was 4th of April 2014 (April Fool) I thought somebody set a prank on me. It took us a while to believe that I was pregnant. When I finally believed that there was a living being inside of me, I cried in joy. On 3rd of December 2014, I met my little miracle and I will not forget the feeling of her warm cheeks on my face. Words cannot describe how joyful and thankful I am. Indeed, she is the most meaningful gift I have ever received in my life. I love you very much, Dana

Lady Alie said...

I have too many meaningful gifts so lemme reiterate my recent one. It was a rough week and I was having serious lack of sleep as the kids were not well and fussy. One of the days when I was at work, I received lovely flowers from the husband. This is from a guy who is super practical so flowers are kind of a luxury item. It touched me and felt like he knew how I felt and the message? That I was his wonder woman and he is lucky to have me. :)