Oct 15, 2015

5 Office Habits That Make You Healthier

Loathe going to your office? The thought of being in office makes you feeling lethargic? If your answers are yes, then read on and discover how you can make office a healthier place to be. After all, we spend majority of our day in office and it is best to grow some positive vibes around.  

We cannot deny that office is a place with accumulated negative vibes. Bad news, whether you like it or not, deadlines, demanding bosses, coworkers with bad attitudes, and office politics are some things you can't avoid and have to face at all time. Good news is, you can improve on your own inner wellbeing while at work. 

#1 - Take 5 minutes break every 1 hour 
Our brain can concentrate at its optimum level for at most an hour. You will then need to reboot it with 5 minutes break away from your work. Take 5 to read news online, go to the restroom, have coffee break, or simply close your eyes and shut down for a moment. Continuous working for long hours will result in lower quality results in your work and make you less productive. 

#2 - Do a one-location exercise at least twice a day
Do some stretching exercise at your cubicle whenever you take the #1 five minutes break. Alternatively, roll tennis ball underneath your feet helps blood circulation while you're sitting. If the space permits, spread your workout mat and do a simple yoga. Your body needs some movement to get the oxygen up to your brain. 

#3 - Crack a joke with your coworkers
Laughter is the best medicine. Share a funny post or joke with your office mate. This will lighten the mood and also increase bonding with your team. Make sure the jokes you're cracking don't offend anyone. 

#4 - Take a dose of sunshine
The sun does not only provide vitamin d and e, it is also a mood lifter. Guess why some people have winter depression? The main reason is lack of sunlight. Walk towards the window and take a dose of uv while you're on the phone. If your office blocks out the sun, walk out of the building once a day. 

#5 - Drink plenty of water
This is pretty self-explanatory. Besides keeping you hydrated, it also increases the oxygen level in your brain while helps stimulate thinking. 

Do you have any good office habits to share with me? Comment below and I would love to try it out. 



Princess Neverland said...

I like to walk around and talk to my colleagues hehe~

Lia said...

OMG! I rest for 5-10mins every 1hour :)
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