Jul 24, 2018

Hotel Review: Cameron Highlands Resort

When it comes to choosing accommodation in Cameron Highlands, you have tones of choices. Mainly because the entire mountain caters for tourists, so everyone is taking the opportunity to build boutique hotels or running their own homestay. I don't really want to risk getting a run down or dirty place to stay, so the only option really is the Cameron Highlands Resort.

This resort is managed by the reputable YTL Hotels and it embraces the 3T's - Traditions, Trail & Tales.


The building of the resort was built and designed with a Tudor influence, representing the British ruling period. Cameron Highlands was discovered by the British. The cool air of the highlands reminded the British of their homeland and they started to explore this mountain. It quickly became a holiday destination for those who wanted to take a breath of fresh air from the hot humid weather in Malaysia. And that purpose remains the same until today.

To retain the same sentimental elements on the inside, the new fresh furniture is carefully chosen to complement the exterior of the building. The four post bed with decorative mosquito net is what the British used to own in their house here to keep the annoying mosquitoes away at night.

The room is extremely spacious with a corner of living area and private balcony for each unit. The only thing I didn't get why there was no bathtub in the room ensuite. All the other YTL Hotels that I've been to has a bathtub in the room, however, not this one. Cameron Highlands has a low-key nightlife, it can be pretty boring. I wished they had a bathtub so I could spend my night reading and relax as I soak in the tub.

And I was pretty sad we didn't get a room that is overlooking the golf field. Perhaps, next time. I'm sure this won't be our last time here.


The Cameron Highlands Resort accredited Jim Thompson's in its premise. The lounge is named Jim Thompson Tea Room and there's also a silk boutique inside the resort featuring various products from the Jim Thompson brand.

Jim Thompson was a residence in Cameron Highlands and he is famous for his silk business in Thailand. Cameron Highlands was his second home. He mysteriously disappeared one day when he was exploring the woods in the vicinity of his house in Cameron Highlands. There were many theories on his story. Some says he was eaten by a tiger. And some believes he was kidnapped into a parallel universe.

We had the chance to follow his mystery trail with the guidance of the Cameron Highlands Resort botanic. The resort prepared us the transportation and we arrived at a jungle track which is located a few kms away from the resort, which is also in the area of the Jim Thompson's villa, Moonlight Bungalow.

The jungle track was the highlight of our trip. We love jungles and plants. With a botanic guiding us the way, it was more of an educational trip, instead of a Jim Thompson Mystery Trail. We were taught how to spot a safe track in the jungle - basically stay away from the wild goats or wild boars track. The tigers would be most likely appear on that track looking for food. We also learn how to spot resting place of animals. It's the best place to take a rest there because the animals probably know where are the safest place to rest. A lot of the things we learn are common sense. But in the jungle, it is pretty hard to differentiate the

Overall, the hotel is entirely a trip to the golden years. The service was extremely good and the hotel room was really clean. The only thing I could use is a bathtub in the room (which apparently only available in the suite).

If you book directly with the hotel, you're entitled to the free gifts below:

  • steamboat buffet for 2
  • spa treatment for 1 (45 minutes)
  • jungle trekking with the resident botanist (this was the highlight of the trip for me)

The total package was approximately RM1500 for 2 nights. 

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