Jun 12, 2018

Mark & Scribe Travel Makeup Bag: Is it worth it?

With hundred beauty brands giving away free travel makeup bag every holiday season, do you really need to buy a travel makeup bag after all? If you're a follower of beauty videos on YouTube, you probably have come across the Mark & Scribe Travel Makeup Bag by Tina Yong. I got myself one.

I wasn't into it when she first announced her new brand and the product... a travel makeup bag. I was kind of like meh... I really don't need another makeup bag after so many beauty brands keep giving it out for free. After watching her introduction video, point taken, it is sturdy and you're able to personalize your initial. Totally get it!

Still, I find no reason to buy it.

Until I found the true use of it! To carry all my journaling stationery when I travel!!! A brilliant idea isn't it?

I got so frustrated with so many little bags to carry my stationery when traveling. There's one bag for pens, highlighters, and other writing instruments. Then there's another separate bag for washi tapes, stickers, post-it notes, and other embellishments. For a journaling meet-up, I will carry an additional bag of my stamps, wax seals, punchers, etc. Since I'm diving into my journaling hobby really deep, there are a lot of meet-ups with other journalers, so I really need something practical to carry all the different stationery with me. The stationery can cost as much as makeup products. They do deserve a good carrying bag instead of chuck everything into a pencil case.

The bag has 2 sections and the top section has 3 different compartments. The zipper compartment is good for pieces of paper such as tickets, flake stickers, brochure, etc. There are 10 slots of brush holder which I use for pens, highlighters, water brush, and pencils. Under the brush holder flap, I just throw all my stamps, washi tapes, stickers, ink, etc.

And the lower section with bigger space is reserved for my Traveler's Notebook. It fits up to 2 regular sized Traveler's Notebook. There are still more space for you to put maps, watercolour, etc.

I honestly think this is a bag perfect for journaling needs. I will also use it for my makeups in the event I don't want to carry my stationery when traveling. For the two reasons I have, I think it is totally worth it. However, if you're thinking of getting it for your makeup and choose the lighter colour, it might not be a wise choice because it may get dirty over time.

The price isn't cheap, RM388.50. But if you're not earning Ringgit, I think the price is pretty reasonable. I have some Paypal balance left which I can't cash out in Malaysia. Spending USD88 (with discount) for that isn't that expensive. I can earn it back with one sponsored blog post. The quality is good, which I think make the purchase worth. It is made of faux leather similar to Saffiano leather and the hardware are really sturdy. You might get the same material makeup bag from Victoria's Secret, but I want to spend my money on a new start-up instead of a giant brand. There is another version, which is smaller in size that is perfect for jewelry.

Do check out Mark & Scribe if you want to grab one while the sale is on. 

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