Feb 8, 2021

What to pack and prepare for Covid-19 quarantine

With the pandemic not putting to rest anytime soon, this blog is becoming obsolete. I had a mission to keep this as a travel blog to record my whereabouts, but now it doesn’t seems like I have much to write about. Moreover, we are going on lockdown mode once again. 

The situation in my country (Malaysia) is getting worse each day. Although we are hopeful because our front liners are really fighting very hard, as a normal citizen, I have to stay vigilant. That means, while following all the SOPs laid down by the government, I have to acknowledge the fact that I too, can contract the virus at any time. 

Hence, I’m preparing this list of stuff to bring in case I get called by the government to check-in into the quarantine center. 

I think the most important thing to do is to assign someone reliable to take care of your responsibilities while you are away. In my case, I have notified my brother - he is to ensure all my grandmother's daily welfare is taken care of. And making sure the bills are paid on time, replenish groceries weekly and to do basic cleaning at home. 

What to pack for the quarantine? I have some really basic items on a list that I would pack (in case). 

  • Few pairs of socks & scarf - We can't be sure if the quarantine center would be cold or hot. Socks and scarf can be really handy. 
  • Earphones / Headphones - To cut off noises.
  • Power bank - This is a universal necessity these days.
  • Sleeping mask - To help you sleep better because I assume the lights would be turned on 24/7.
  • Earplug - To cut off noises as well when you don't feel like listening to music.
  • Body Moisturizer / salve - A basic oinment, salve or moisturizer will help you in case you develop rashes. I am pretty sure the beddings aren't that clean. 
  • Sanitary pads 
  • Hobby items - I'll pack some books, journal, watercolour and my pencil case. This will help passing time easier.
Do let me know what you would pack for quarantine.  


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