Aug 18, 2012

Travel Beauty Tips

Keeping yourself pretty during traveling is not an easy job. Here are some of the stuff I practice when I go traveling. I learned through mistakes and experiences, and I hope they will help you too...

  1. Painting your nails
    Having your nails manicure not only look pretty. The nail polish actually helps to keep your nails strong. There are many times you have to carry your bags around and your nails are at risk of being chipped off. The extra layers of nail polish will help prevent such mishaps.
  2. Vaseline is your saviour!
    The 100ml limit of liquid can be a pain in the ass for beauty junkies. Imagine you have to pack your moisturizer, hand cream, lip balm, cuticle gel, etc. into your hand carry. This problem can be solved with one product.... Vaseline. And it's not considered as liquid.
  3. Bad hair day solution for chic girls
    Bad hair day tends to appear more often when traveling. There are many solutions to it, but not all is practical when you're on the go. Hat takes up too much space in the luggage. Cap is too boyish. Scarf takes too much time to fix. The best solution for bad hair day for chic girls is.... HAIRBAND! Despite the bad hair, you can even be Blair Warldof.
  4. Water
    Our skin gets dehydrated faster when we are travelling around. Drinking a lot of water seems to be the most effective way to replenish your hydration, but it can be impractical to look for toilet after that. Prepare yourself with plenty of moisture wipe. When your skin feels dry, wipe it with the moisture wipe to keep your moisture level balanced. Try H2O spray too. I particularly love the Evian one. It comes in different sizes and I always get myself the small size so that I can carry it around easily.
  5. Sheet mask
    Remember to pack some sheet masks along with you. After long ride on the plane, your skin can be exhausted. However, if you're going on a long trip, it might be more economical to take along the jar mask as you can apply over and over again. 

These are a few tips I can remember on top of my head. I will add on when I can think of more. Meanwhile, what are your travel beauty tips? Do share with me so I can make use of it too. 

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ZachSaMe said...

cute cat! thank you for sharing these tips! really looking to start as a beauty blogger malaysia