Aug 31, 2016

[Recipe] Eight Treasures Tea Jelly

I'm going to leave another easy to make and healthy ancient Chinese recipe here. However, today's recipe involves more ingredients. As the name suggests, we are playing with 8 types of ingredients to make this mouth-watering after-meal dessert.

The eight treasures tea is a popular drink during the late Qing Dynasty and to be consumed by Empress Ci Xi. During long northern winter, Her Royal Highness have very little opportunity to leave the court and causing her skin to feel tired and lack of energy. The imperial doctor made this special blend of herbs for the empress. The tea is consumed for longevity and youthfulness.


  • 500ml water
  • 1/4 cup gelatin powder
  • 1 piece honey rock sugar
  • 4 red dates
  • 5 slices American ginseng
  • A dash of Longjing green tea
  • A dash of chrysanthemum flowers
  • 6 cloves of French roses
  • 6 pieces of dried longan 
  • A dash of wolfberries


  • Rinse the green tea leaf, red dates, chrysanthemum flower, French roses, dried longan and wolfberries until clean.
  • Boil water in sauce pan. Add honey rock sugar.
  • When the sugar diluted, add red dates and ginseng slices.
  • When the red dates and ginseng slices expand, add in green tea leaf, chrysanthemum, french roses, dried longan and wolfberries.
  • Turn off the stove and strain the ingredients to separate the tea.
  • Place the ingredients in the mould. 

  • Add gelatin powder into the tea while it is still hot and stir until the gelatin powder evenly mixed.
  • Pour the gelatin tea into the mould. Leave until cool and chill it in the fridge.
  • Serve on plate.

The recipe is very versatile. You can substitute the ingredients below with the follow:

  • Honey rock sugar = sugar, honey, crystal rock sugar or brown sugar.
  • French rose = dried orange peel
  • Chrysanthemum = osmanthus

Some additional tips:
Always keep the fire low. Watch the tea closely so you can manage the brewing time. The jelly is best served a night after chilled in the fridge.

This recipe is good for females and can be consumed daily. If it is a food fit for an empress dowager, it is surely good for you.

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