Jul 3, 2016

[Weekend Edition] Meditation for Beginners

Meditation is a state of mind. It does not necessary need to be in a specific time, place or situation for you to meditate. Meditation can come in the smallest task you do daily, for example listening to music, getting a massage, perform your daily prayer, etc. If you have been wanting to meditate, here are some of the simple ways you can try as a beginner:

1. Focus
Focus on one sense while you are meditating. Connect that focus with your sensory touch. For example, listening to the sound of waves and focus just on the waves and ignoring other sounds. Starring at a mandala drawing while focus on one particular drawing in the photo. Light up some scented candle and just focus on the scent. Perform one focus at one time only. You will find yourself rejuvenate and be able to focus on your other tasks clearly.

2. Repetition
Another form of meditation comes from repeating activity that you do. When you repeat the motion, your body coordination will accept the pattern and your brain activity will slowly drift into the pattern of motion as well. This is why some people find washing dishes therapeutic. The synergy of your body action and brain activity will relax your mind. Some other activity that you can try is playing with Tibetan singing bowl, playing musical instrument, cleaning or colouring.

3. Imagine the life you want to be
Take 5 minutes daily to imagine yourself in the life you want to be. Sometimes our mind tangled and frustrated because we think and feel that we're living in a messy situation. Whether you wish to live in the forest, under water or living the life of rich and famous, you are able to achieve it in your imagination. 

4. Using technology
There are a couple of meditation apps available for Android & iOS for you to download. Follow the meditation plan or program catered for you and see the outcome. It is free, easy to use and no commitment will be imposed on you. Our recommendation is Headspace and Omnava.

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