Feb 20, 2017

Musee Du Louvre

Musee Du Louvre (pronounced as musi doo luv; make sure you squeeze your mouth like a fish) is one of the most iconic royal palaces in Paris (the other one is Versailles). What was once a royal residence, central government office, torture ground and hostage prison, is now a beautiful museum attracting thousands visitors per day.

Visitor tips:
To skip the queue, purchase your ticket online (highly recommended) because the ticket queue can take up an hour long. Backpacks and large bags aren't allowed in the museum, however, lockers are provided free of charge. Just in case there's no more room at the locker, bring a small handbag for your convenience. Pack a bottle of water or snacks if you are going to spend a long time there.

I believe 80% of the crowd aren't art connoisseur. If you think you're one of them who wants to see just the Mona Lisa painting and take a couple of photos, my advice is to skip it entirely if you are in a rush. For those who wants to glance through all the exhibitions on the surface, you may required 3 days. And if you're an art scholar who wants to study the art pieces in detailed, a year spending inside the Louvre isn't sufficient. My point is, plan your visiting time because the place is HUGE!

My main goal for The Louvre isn't Monalisa. I was very eager to see David's painting of Napolean's Coronation. Enjoy...

Travel safe. Go and see the world! 

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