May 19, 2017

7 Travel tips that you probably never heard of before

Bonjour! I am now blogging from Paris! It is one of my long time dream to come here, when I finally set foot here, it is like a dream come true. One of the itineraries of my trip here is to work on a project, I will announce it soon when everything is finalized. There will be more trips to Paris soon, I hope. Anyway, during my two-week trip I faced a lot of small problems. And these problems are common problems that travelers will face. I hope my tips will help you in some ways.

1. Bring extension cord
If you are traveling with someone or have a lot of devices, make sure you bring an extension cord so that you can charge multiple devices at once. And if you are traveling to countries with different power socket, all you need to bring is one international power socket, and the rest of your devices are ready to charge with your extension cords.

2. Check out if the tap water is edible
Some countries have tap water that is perfectly fine to drink. Refill the water from your hotel room with the mineral water bottle provided in the room before you head out. Subsequently you can refill the water anywhere else. That way you can save a lot of money since drinking water can cost a lot. Total money save from this tip = 14euros

3. Bring a Starbucks tumbler
Starbucks tumbler is one of those thing worth investing if you travel often. It is like a passport for you to use the Starbucks service anywhere in the world. Bring your tumbler to Starbucks and ask for hot water, throw your own tea bag into it and you can enjoy your tea while surfing free internet without feeling guilty of not buying anything. Also, some countries, especially Europe, do not have free public toilet. This is when Starbucks service comes handy where you can use the Starbucks toilet without having to pay a single cent. The public toilet can cost up to 2euros per visit and a drink can cost 4euros, plus 3euros of 1 hour internet. By just refilling hot water into your Starbucks tumbler, you save 9euros. You will thank me for this tip.

4. Keep an empty shopping bag the size bigger than your handbag
If you carry a luxurious handbag around (which I advise against it), you should keep a shopping bag bigger in size than your handbag. When you have to put your handbag under the seat in the airplane, simply put your handbag in the shopping bag to protect it. Or when you need to leave your handbag at the museum locker, hide your expensive handbag inside the shopping bag to advoid theft case. When it's raining or you have to take a boat ride, again, protect your bag against the water by putting it into the shopping bag. It works as a case for your bag whenever you need it.

5. Do not use padlock to lock your luggage
I know a lot of you concern with luggage security especially we don't know what happen after we check in our bags. Don't be overly protective of your bag and use s padlock to secure your bags. If the airport officer suspect something in your bag, they will be forced to cut open your bag which might ruin your luggage. Take note that they have the right to do so and your arguments are invalid. If you have to lock it anyway, use an official international luggage padlock which you can find it in any luggage store. The custom officer should have a master key to open the padlock without having to destroy your luggage.

6. Bring a lip balm
Not just for the lips. If your leg gets friction from long walk, rub some of the lip balm on your skin as a barrier to stop more friction. Also, you can apply a layer of lip balm if you get any open wound to prevent bacteria from getting onto your skin. Alternatively, you can pack a tube of Vaseline with you. I much prefer shea butter lip balm because I'm not a fan of petroleum jelly.

#7 - Always pack instant noodle with you
I know that while traveling you should explore the local food whether you like it or not. It is the experience that counts right? Many times I got up at wee hours due to jetlag and I couldn't find any food. While in Amsterdam I keep waking up at 3AM because my biological clock yet to adjust itself. This is when instant noodle saved my life. Sometimes when I'm rushing from point A to point B and didn't have time to stop by for food, I just make myself an instant noodle first. This allow me an extra one hour before I go hungry again.

Have you heard any of the tips I shared above? Or do you have any travel tips to share with me? Let me know in the comment section below. 

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