May 4, 2017

A day trip in Antwerp (Belgium)

I have been putting travel posts behind the scene on this blog for awhile now because travel isn't in my mind at the moment due to my tight schedule. But I want to take a bit of my time to tell you about Antwerp. I only had a day trip there and it is the most amazing town that I have seen in Belgium.

I get to know about this city from Monocle Forecast magazine that I bought early of 2016. It's been in my mind throughout the year to visit the place. Thankfully, at the end of the year, I had the chance to visit the city. It's like a dream come true.

Getting into Antwerp:
I took a train from Bruxelles Central (Brussels Central Station) and arrived at Antwerpen (the local spelling) half an hour later. Once arrived, I was greeted by the station grand clock inside the building. I look it up online and this is the most beautiful train station clock in the world. My photo don't do justice to the magnificent clock, but you'll get the idea...

My favorite organic fast food restaurant, Exki. Go for clean eating!
Outside the train station
Grote Markt

The significant beauty of Antwerp is the classic 19th century architectures with modern shop fronts reimagined by young designers. The fact that you can see, feel and experience the past and the present through the buildings, food, culture and way of life makes this place one of the unique town in Europe. Although living in the shadow of the more popular sibling, Brussels, Antwerp is not shy away from visitors. It has been serving Belgium as a port since the Middle Age which grants them the bragging rights over the economy power of the country. Thousands of diamond traders here carry their multi-billion dollar businesses and you can even grab the opportunity to own a high-quality diamond at a bargained price.

Het Steen. Ain't it look like Harry Potter scene?

Good to know:

  • Every first Sunday of the month is dedicated to shopping activities at Antwerp. There will be performances, flash sales, and you can even get a cheaper train pass. 
  • Antwerp is well-known for its cheap diamond. Bring extra cash to grab high-quality diamonds at bargained price. 
  • The town can be explored in a day. But to get a complete experience, I would recommend you to stay a night. 
  • Visit the old town in December and you can experience the Christmas market and pop-up ice skating rink.
Where to stay:
Hilton Antwerp Old Town is a strategic place to stay. All the attractions are within walking distance from the hotel.

Before leaving Antwerp, I bought the 2017 Monocle Forecast. It is the magazine that brought me here and hopefully, it will bring me to the next amazing place.

2017 to-visit according to Monocle Forecast is Cardiff. Let's go!!!!

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Marsya said...

Wow, it looks like a beautiful city! 😍 Really must visit place and please do blog about your next trip to Cardiff if you get a chance, hehe :)