May 28, 2017

A Day Trip in Tasmania (Australia)

When traveling to Australia, a lot of people concentrate their trip in the bigger city like Melbourne or Sydney. In fact, a lot of amazing experiences happen when you venture out of the usual city scene. I always recommend my friends to go to Tasmania, where I used to stay for 3 years. Right now, I still find the place charming and mysterious. Here are some of the places you should visit for a one-day trip (in sequence).

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#1 - Constitution Dock
Besides the amazing view at the dock, you can also taste some of the freshest seafood here. Tasmania is well-known for its fresh seafood such as scallop, lobster, Tasmanian giant crab, mussels, and oysters. There are a few seafood restaurants at the Constitution Dock and the prominent one is Mures. There is also Fish Frenzy which serves really good classic fish & chips. For a different kind of experience, you can try to dine in the boat restaurant, Mako or Flippers. These are floating food stalls that serve fresh cook-to-order seafood. Warning advice for you: If you are going to dine at the boat restaurants, beware of the seagulls. They're always ready to snatch a piece of your fish and chips.

#2 - Salamanca Market
If you happen in Tasmania on Saturday, you will get the chance to visit the weekend farmers market. There will be food trucks, local produces, local handmade products and many more. What I love about the market is the ambiance where the locals get together. It is not a tourist spot even though heavily advertised in travel portal or magazines. As the season change, you can find different products and different stalls take over. When it's cold, you will see original ugg boots stall and in the summer, you can find refreshing ice-creams.

Lovely lollies stall at Salamanca Market
When I have friends visiting me in Tassie, I always bring them to Salamanca Market to shop for unique souvenirs

#3 - Battery Point

In between the row of buildings at Salamanca, you will find the Kelly's Step where it will bring you to Battery Point. Battery Point brings you back to the 1920's era where the houses are preserved in its original state. I highly recommend you to check out the Jackman & McRoss Bakery. Grab a cup of coffee & some pastries there.

#4 - Cascade Brewery

From Battery Point, hail a taxi to the Cascade Brewery. The Cascade Beer Factory is a pride of Tasmanian as it produces one of the finest Australian beer. Participate in the factory tour where you can experience how the beer is made from the beginning til the end. At the end of the tour, you will be given a tray of beer where you have to identify each type of beer. If you succeed in answering all the types, you will be given a mystery gift. The tour is open for all ages, but the bar only serves to those 18 and above.

#5 - Franklin Square

If you take a bus from the Cascade Beer Factory to Hobart, you will alight at the Franklin Square. Take a stroll in the park and take in the tranquility. From Franklin Square, you can walk to Salamanca Market. I know you might think - Again? The Salamanca Market is totally different during the night. It is peaceful and people come here to unwind to end their night. You will find wine bar, casual pubs and good restaurants here. Have your dinner at the Ball & Chain Grill Steakhouse. They serve the best steak in Tasmania with free flow salad bar.

Good to know: 
  • Take the airport shuttle and get down at Grand Chancellor Hotel. The hotel is right opposite the Constitution Dock.
  • Make sure to book a flight into Hobart Airport and NOT Launceston. I repeat NO Launceston. That is way too far from the city and nothing much interesting to do.
  • Recommended length of stay in Tasmania is about a week. For a one-of-a-kind experience, rent a caravan and go around the island. 
  • If you stay longer, make sure to check out Wineglass Bay, Bruny Island, Freycinet National Park & nearby Wineyard. 

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