Jul 9, 2017

HerTravelogue's First Timer's Guide to Nude Beach

The thoughts of going to a nude beach can be exciting and adventurous at the same time. But the reality can be the opposite of what your wild imagination would be. Here's a simple guide on nude beaches to get yourself to realign with the actual experience.
  • Every nude beach has its own rules and regulations to regulate visitor's behaviour. Any breaches to the rules will result to removal from the beach or for serious crimes, you may be arrested and prosecuted according to the local laws. Normally there will be a lifeguard or officer at the beach to monitor the activities and making sure visitors adhere to the beach rule. On a bigger beach, you may find more lifeguards.
  • "Naughty" actions are strictly prohibited. So don't get yourself too wild. And if the guys get a moment of "excitement", your only way out is to get into the water until your excitement calms down, or cover yourself behind a parasol.
  • Most of the beaches prohibit alcoholic drinks and consumption of drugs at the beach. So ditch the plan to organize wild party here. Also, people hardly socialize here. They tend to stick with the bunch of their own company. Being too friendly here may cause misinterpretation of your gestures. So, it is safe to just mind your own business.
  • Getting yourself nude is a sign of appreciation towards the nature and keeping yourself tuned into what the mother nature has to offer. Visitors are highly encouraged to strip off your clothing and enjoy yourself amongst your own company. Most people prefer to have a quiet moment here. Unnecessary loud noises will get you unwanted attention. Be sure so keep your noises low.
  • Some beaches only allow full nudity. And some are okay with half nude. Make sure you know the rules and blend in with the crowd. 

Those are some of the do's and dont's. Be sure to manage your expectation. You won't get a Baywatch scene here for sure. Never ever take photographs of the beach with the nudist in the background. Or even worse, upload it on social media. You may be sued for infringing people's privacy. Remember to pack lots of SPF.

Have you been to any nude beach before? Share your experience with me in the comment. I always love to hear experiences on nude beaches because they're so entertaining and fun. 

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