Jul 23, 2017

Pancake Amsterdam Review

I'm giving it a thumbs up for this one
Berenstraat 38, 1016 GH AmsterdamOpen:  daily from 9:00 to 18:00

Prins Hendrikkade 48, 1012 AC AmsterdamOpen: daily from 8:00 to 20:00.

Prinsengracht 277, 1016 GW, AmsterdamOpen: daily from 8:00 tot 20:00

Pancake is the national food of Netherlands. While we can't live without nasi lemak, the Dutch can't live without their pancakes. Being first time in Amsterdam, I have no idea where I can get a good pancake. Pancake Amsterdam keeps popping up on every print leaflet and magazines that I got my hands on since I reach Amsterdam. There are two sides of review on the place - some said it's overrated but some praise the food. On the first morning, I decided to have an original Dutch breakfast there to try it myself.

On a cold winter morning, I settle for a cup of comforting ginger tea. It's my first beverage since I first set foot on Amsterdam, the change of weather got my nose running and the ginger tea is absolutely a savior!

The pancake is huge! You can have one for a full meal! From the menu, the smoked salmon with creme fraiche, guacamole and chive seems like a good choice. And the bacon and cheese is too hard to resist. The smokes salmon pancake was savory and I got addicted with the combination of creme fraiche and guacamole. It tasted so good that it inspired me to make a smoke salmon guacamole and creme fraiche pizza when I came home. The bacon and cheese is to die for. It is crispy on the side, the cheese literally melted in my mouth. It isn't exaggerating if I say it is the best thing I've tried in my life. #longlivebacon

On the next day, I craved for more pancakes. The bacon and cheese pancake really got me so addicted. It's amazing that I even passed by another Pancake Amsterdam shop opposite the Centraal. I feel like God answered my prayer. I wanted to get a different flavour, so I ordered the ham and cheese. On the first bite, it was a great regret. It's not like it's bad or anything. But I've tasted the bacon and cheese and it was so much better than the ham.

They give out a little stroopwafel as appertizer. The stroopwafel is a national snack in Netherlands, I think it is nice for them because I get to taste some stroopwafels. And they also present you a small wooden clog keychain when you leave as a souvenir.

I don't know about those comments saying this place is overrated. I did enjoyed my food and I love the ambiance which is a small and warm cafe style. I think I would go back there again if I'm going back to Amsterdam. The food is very good, especially the bacon and cheese one. And I also find that the outlet at Berenstraat cooked better pancakes than the one opposite Centraal. 

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