Jul 17, 2017

Legend of the Bali Curse

This is fun to know and not to be taken seriously. If you have not heard of the Bali curse, it is about time for you to learn the legend. 

Back in history, there was a princess living in Bali. She had a lover which the couple was due to be married. He was a prince, a royalty as well. The marriage did not take place and he broke off the engagement and she was left alone. Later the princess learn that the prince fell in love with another woman.

In the extreme heartbreak situation, she put the island on a curse. A curse that every couple who have had pre-marital sex when living on the island will eventually break up within 6 weeks to 6 months. 

On the other hand, there are some explanation saying the curse does not cover the entire Bali island, but more specifically on Tanah Lot. That means, couples that go to Tanah Lot are not to engage in pre-marital sex while on the island.

This curse was proven wrong by a few friends who have been there. However, it is something interesting which I ought to share with you. Every land has its own legendary folklore. Have you heard of any folklore from your own hometown? Comment below, I would love to discover stories like that.

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