Feb 17, 2018

5 Honest Dating Advice You Can Use

Valentine's Day just swifted away last week. I'm not going to ask you how it was. If you've stumbled upon this post, chances are, you might be looking for "the one" somewhere out there.

I'm not a professional match-maker, but part and parcel of my job is to match make someone to the right boss. It is pretty much the same when you drill down to the essence of my day-to-day tasks. Here are 5 honest advise which I can give to you if you're feeling lost right now.

#1 - Don't mix up dating & relationship

The main goal of dating is to get to know the person a little bit more. Don't dive into the expectation of wanting to be in a relationship with the person. If you have the idea of wedding, buying a home with that person, babies and so-on, you have to kick the image out of your mind.

Treat a date as a job interview (you being the boss). Does the person fit in 60% of your criteria or more? Would you recruit him for the next level of interview (in this case, a second date)?

#2 - Settle for coffee date (if it's your first)

A dinner date is probably suitable for a second or third date. Reason being, a dinner involves too much of an affair if you're meeting the person for the very first time just the two of you. You have to consider if he/she would love your choice of restaurant, worry about getting broccoli stuck in between your teeth, who should pay, etc.

On the other hand, coffee date is more relaxed. And the time spent is shorter. It gives a better environment and boost a healthier mindset for both of you to know each other better.

#3 - Don't judge

This goes back to #1. A date suppose to be a get-to-know session. If he/she doesn't tick all the boxes, just move on and look for the next candidate. There is no point judging the person if you know he/she doesn't suit you.

#4 - Be involved in the conversation

The key to drive the conversation is to be involved (answer questions & ask questions). If you're a wee bit interested in the person, ask more questions. If you think the conversation can't go any further, just bail yourself out. This is why a coffee date would be a better option for a first date.

#5 - Keep an open possibility 

Let's say he/she can be a potential second date candidate - you have to keep a possibility of next meeting. If the person loves superhero movies, you can suggest going for a movie together. Or if you know he/she is a food lover, secure yourself a dinner date. The key point is to pay attention to the person's interest and move on from there.

I hope these simple dating rules work for you. And if you have any good advice, feel free to drop it in the comment, so that others can use the advice too. 

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