Dec 26, 2017

Escape with Traveloka to KL Journal Hotel

Kuala Lumpur is made of two things - one, it is the melting pot of all Malaysian various races' heritage and two, it is the heartbeat of Malaysia urbanization. To experience the two characteristics of Kuala Lumpur, there is no place to be other than the Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel.

It is easy to miss this hotel due to its hidden location behind Jalan Bukit Bintang. Although within a stone throw away from the major KL shopping spots and high-rise office towers, the hotel is amalgamated among the other old flats along Jalan Beremi. This is why the hotel retains the old KL neighborhood quality and still in touch with the modernized city life.

Location: 30, Jalan Beremi, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Accommodation type: Boutique Hotel
Average price per night: RM330
Nearest train station: Bukit Bintang Monorail Station
Facilities: Free parking, swimming pool, gym, restaurant, bar
Nearby places of interest: Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, Pavilion, Fahrenheit88, Jalan Alor Night Market

Traveloka had a humble beginning and now the company is still improving to bring the best travel experience to all their customers. Besides flight and accommodation, the company is looking to provide holistic travel services.

The KL Journal Hotel GM walked us through the hotel history and highlight some of the amazing features of the hotel. I wouldn't know the pool is filled with 100% salt water. From his speech, he made us understand that the hotel has a close-knitted relationship with the neighbors. And as the name suggests, the hotel aims to give all the guests a memorable experience.

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For a boutique hotel, this hotel delivers more than what other boutique hotels have to offer. It has an infinity pool filled with salt water overlooking the KL skyline, fully equipped gym, a terrace bar with live band performance, a restaurant, and most important highlight... pristine clean room. Cleanliness is my top priority when it comes to choosing a hotel room. I'm glad this hotel is on par with a five-star hotel in this department.

I had the opportunity to stay here for 2D1N trip courtesy of Traveloka. This trip is organized by the Butterfly Projects Malaysia, a blogging community where I feel comfortable to work with. With so many blogger friends around, this trip was filled with energy and it is a nice get-along just before Christmas. The highlight of the trip was the crash-course workshop. We had a few topics to pick and I chose the Bath Bomb & Body Scrub Workshop. The workshop was facilitated by Wunderbath, an artisan bath & beauty brand.

The workshop was more than just a fun-filled activity. I learned a lot from the workshop, such as understanding the different uses of essential oil and science behind the cosmetic ingredients. Do you know, not all essential oils can be applied directly to your face? I bet you didn't know. Only lavender, tea tree, chamomile and other selected essential oils are safe to be applied directly onto our skin. This is something new I learn. Check out my beautiful creation of bath bombs and scrub from the Wunderbath workshop.

KL Journal Hotel has an amazing work area which they call it as the Workers' Union. If you're a guest, this is a cool place for you to chill out with a book and a cup of coffee, or jam with your laptop to finish your assignment. It looks very much like a co-working space. It is also a good place to host a small event.

You can't miss the food at Kedai Kopi Journal (Journal Coffee Shop). It has a humble name, but the menu has a lot to brag about. For example, my Wagyu Beef Burger is probably the best burger in town!

For breakfast and dinner, the Kedai Kopi Journal will transform to a buffet setting with more than a hundred variety to choose from. We had our small Christmas gathering there and had a gift exchange. Can you guess what I got from Cindy?

Christmas gift exchange
Cindy was my roommate during the trip. I haven't seen her since she went to Melaka to see me, which was almost two years back. It was totally a good trip for both of us to catch up.

Before coffee

After coffee
My favourite place at the hotel is the Terrace Bar. During the day, it is a quiet place for you to enjoy the view with backdrop of lushes greenery. During the night, this place transform into a happening social bar with live bands performing. I call it a social bar because no one is a stranger there. The stage is open to welcome anyone who aren't shy to perform. Even if you're too shy to take the stage, you can always dance or sing along around your table.

Another cool facility worth mentioning is the infinity pool. For those of you who have an allergy towards chlorine, you can ease your mind and swim to your heart's content. This pool is filled with salt water. Is that amazing?

Every inch of this hotel is Instagram-friendly. Whether you're at the pool, the lobby, in the room, at Workers' Union, Terrace Bar or Kedai Kopi Journal, you can definitely find a spot for your Instagram feed. I have uploaded all my photos on my FB page <<here>>. Make sure you check it out.

Besides being "Instagramable", the hotel is also a good place for you to pick up some inspiration for home decoration. The decor is very intimate, it feels like being in a stylish home instead of a hotel. My greatest source of inspiration is this small greenery spot beside the entrance:

That wraps up my 2D1N trip at the KL Journal Hotel with Traveloka!!!


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