Mar 8, 2018

Capture Your Style by Aimee Song: A Book Review

If you're keen to bring up your Instagram followers, you should get this book. Aimee Song (or better known as @songofstyle) gains her fame through blogging, YouTubing, and Instagram. With over 4.7mil followers on her IG, she really deserves the title as an Instagram guru.

I picked up this book without expectation. I thought it could make a cool flatlay item if the content don't impress me. Flipping through the first few pages, the book was boring. It tells you how to use your phone camera which I'm sure even my kid knows how. But things get serious when she drills down the elements of Insta-worthy photos. 

Some of the ideas I picked from this book is the 9-box grid, where you curate the entire 9 photos of your Instagram before you posting it. I kind of get the flow by alternating my photos with a photo of tiles in between. It works.

I started off with 2,000+ followers and as I implemented some of the tips & ideas from this book, my followers quickly jump to 6,000+. It didn't happen over the night, but you get the idea. I took this book literally as a textbook of Instagram. I pick and choose some of the things I learn to implement on my postings. 

I do recommend this book if you're serious about your Instagram - getting more followers, curating your stories through the photos, editing the photos, etc. What this book won't teach you is how to earn your money from your Instagram account. 


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