May 13, 2018

Brush Calligraphy Workshop by @novebyvivient

Two weeks ago, Alie & I signed up for a calligraphy class at Seremban. Pretty strange right.... why Seremban? I'm living in Melaka, and Alie lives in PJ, so Seremban is our middle point to meet. It took me only 1 hour of smooth driving to Tabiyo (Seremban well-known Japanese stationery shop).

My table was set up as soon as I arrived...

Teacher Vivien showing the strokes...

The workshop was quite fun (mainly because Alie & I were really noisy dropping jokes in between), otherwise, the rest of the group were pretty quiet.

I think it is good to attend the workshop. I tried to follow YouTube lessons and imitate the curves, but it didn't turn out well. During the workshop, I was able to ask Vivien a lot, especially where I should turn, what is the pressure I should put, etc. Those tips aren't available through online lessons. Vivien is also able to comment on my work as we progress through the practice.

I started really badly to the point I almost give up. But I managed to get through all the practices and finally produced this...

Yes! I can proudly say that this is my work! Notice the crab I wrote on my practice sheet? I couldn't wait for the legendary crab feast at Seremban Seafood Village. I highly recommend ordering the baked crab.

And that's the end of my lovely weekend in Seremban. I will go back to explore more. Please let me know what's good (food) to try in Seremban.


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