Nov 5, 2018

Oedo Onsen Monogatari @ Odaiba

First thing first, if you ever been to an onsen resort, this place may be lack of wow-factor for you. But if you are an Onsen-virgin, I highly recommend you to visit the Oedo Onsen Monogatari. Located at Odaiba, you can easily walk to the Oedo Onsen from the Museum of Emerging Science or take a bus there. The place is sort of a mini family amusement park with the onsen as main feature.

When arrived, you will be given a wrist tag. Whatever you spent here, it will be recorded in your wrist band. The payment will be calculated when you exit. It can be said as pretty dangerous because you might slack of tracking how much you spend there. Generally, admission is only ¥2720 (around RM100) for adults on the weekday. That being said, if you don't spend on other stuff such as food, massage service, games, etc. Book your entrance ticket on Klook for better deals, almost 40% cheaper.

I didn't take a lot of photos here because a lot of places are photos-prohibited. Most of the time I leave my camera and phone in the locker.

One thing to take note, this place is not tattoo-friendly, despite it is quite mainstream and touristy. Do take note if you have a tattoo. If you entered mistakenly with tattoo on, you are required to leave the place and pay for the entrance fee as well.

After changing into the yukata provided, you will enter the common area where food stalls and games stalls are the focus attraction.

The foot bath area is an open area with Japanese garden concept. It is really pretty to take photos here. It is probably the only bath area that allows photo since you are not required to strip.

After a 45-minutes bath and sauna, we treat ourselves with ramen and beer. I really love the tatami seating area. It feels a very cozy and warm, almost feel like you're at home.

Here are some tips:

  1. You need to strip bare. Yes! No exception or towel is allowed.
  2. If you're feeling shy (like me) hide in the micro bubble bath tub. The micro bubbles make the entire tub look like it's white, so it is safe to hide inside. 
  3. The place isn't wheelchair-friendly or pram-friendly. 
  4. Best time to go is in the morning 11AM or at night after 9PM. The bath area closes between 9AM-11AM for maintenance. Other areas are open 24 hours.
  5. There are resting area and sleeping area here. You can spend a night here if you're short of cash to book a hotel room or just want a quick nap in between your trip. 
  6. They serve really good cold Asahi beer on the tap.
  7. Be mindful of how much you spend on the food, games and souvenir. It is hard to keep track of your spending with the wrist-band. 
  8. Shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, comb, hairdryer and everything you need is provided for. You don't need to bring it because you will need to leave your belongings outside and no chance to use your own toiletries anyway. 

I highly recommend you to spend your time here, especially towards the end of your trip for a relaxing day at the bath. I know I didn't provide much info and you probably can't imagine how it is like there. So, I found a video that really explains everything about this place. I'm not sure how this guy get to shoot his video there since it is no-photo area, but his video is really helpful. Enjoy:


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