Nov 17, 2018

Travel Journal Tokyo 2018

Since I spent most of my time filling in my Traveler's Notebook, I will show you guys how my travel journal looks like. The style that I adopt is mostly collage, using scraps of paper goods I collected during my trip, washi tapes, stickers, etc. 


The Traveler's Notebook that I enjoy using now is the Tokyo Station Limited Edition brown cover. I bought this from Tokyo Station. The limited edition Traveler's Notebook is limited to 2 per person. I begin to like the brown cover a lot because as it tarnishes, the colour becomes more vivid. It is slowly becoming of a character of its own. 

The first page is usually not my favorite because the insert is still fresh, lacking of inspiration and flow for me to start the first step. Some people keep it simple by putting just one photo or a quote. If you have any idea how to overcome this problem, let me know.

Throughout the trip I was eating salted salmon onigiri. I ate 2 each day in the morning while doing my makeup. I incorporated a recipe of onigiri in my travel journal. I think travel journal not necessarily focus on your travel tales, you can always add things like song lyrics, book excerpt, poem, etc.

At the bottom right corner, I use a brad to hold all the small pictures together. Although overlapping each other, the pictures can be slid to reveal the bottom pictures. I also use the pictures to protect the leaf stuck at the back.

I kept the ice cream label and drew a vanilla ice cream on it. I really love this idea.

I never knew I could paint a bowl of ramen, but I did.

My favorite page is Alice on Wednesday one. It's one of my favorite childhood cartoon and I still love it now.

This is the only two pages that I use the horizontal page instead of the usual vertical. I stuck in my fortune telling slip into the small envelope and the small postcard of Sensoji Shrine as a background.

What do you think of my journal pages? I know it's a little bit crowded, but I love it that way. Blank spaces bother me a lot. That is why I put lots of stickers to fill up the page. 

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