Oct 19, 2019

Pulau Redang, Again...

When I blogged about my trip to Pulau Redang 3 months ago, I did mentioned that it’s the place I would go back again. Albeit the price, it’s a place you can’t get enough of (if you’re a beach bum who loves the sea, sun and sand)  and want to go over and over again. If given the financial capability, I would move there forever!

Here I am, back to the beloved island of Terengganu. I think you can read more info of the place in my previous post. In this post, I just want to document some good times I had with my parents & friends.

During this trip I just found out that the Long Beach where Laguna Resort located, is not accessible through land. You have to take a boat to reach there as it is another part of the island. Maybe my next trip, I’ll take the chance to stay at the other side. They say the sunrise is amazing there.

This is life

Can you see two whales in the sea?

Have you seen water-ambulance before?

Got bitten by fish while in the water. Didn't get to ride on the water-ambulance, though
The fish bite ain't stopping me from going into the water

My parents scouting for turtles

Totally riped

We're extremely excited for the trip and felt so heavy-hearted to leave the island. What we did was ridiculous... we booked another trip to go back there next year! Just like my parents said we were.... crazy kids! Trust us, we could go back sooner if not for the monsoon season that's happening now. By now I think it's convincing enough that Pulau Redang is really beautiful. I keep going back after a few months. It is really a heaven on earth (or at least heaven in Malaysia).