Oct 25, 2019

Kuching, Sarawak 3D2N Itinerary

This year I had an immense interest to learn tarot reading. After talking to so many tarot readers, only one of them agreed to teach me further, so happen he is living in Kuching, which brought me here. I'll talk about tarot reading some other day. Initially, I wanted to do a quick visit for the lesson but after telling my friends of the plan, all of them bought their flight ticket separately to accompany me. I feel so touched. We had so much fun, laughing, exploring and learning about Sarawak culture together. I think I'm really lucky to have my girlfriends who always lift me up spiritually.

Here are what we've cramped on in just 3 days of visit.


Check-in: Grand Margherita Hotel

I didn't take any photo of the hotel, but I do highly recommend it. I think previously it was called Holiday Inn. The hotel is located just right in front of the Kuching cat statue and right next to the Kuching Waterfront. From my room, I could see the State Legislative Assembly Building.

Late lunch: James Brooke Bistro

After checking in, we were so hungry and after Google-ing the nearest place to eat, we found the James Brooke Bistro. Totally not recommend this place, I think you could take a Grab somewhere else to eat. The food was average, the price wasn't worth it and the service was bad. They serve typical Sarawakian meals. It's quite a pity because the bistro was beautiful and the location is pretty strategic. If they could have train better staff, it would make a whole lot different experience.

Darul Hana Bridge

The Darul Hana Bridge is a stone throw away from our hotel, and it is packed with tourists and also locals. This picturesque bridge is "the place" you have to be if you come to Kuching. In fact, I went there twice. One time in the evening during the golden hour to catch the sunset and another time was in the morning for my morning walk.

Fort Margherita

The For Margherita was built to protect Kuching from pirates in the early days. Evidently from the structure, there are canons and watch-tower which now serve as a panoramic lookout point for the city. It was named after James Brooke's wife, Margarete Alice.


Breakfast: Chong Choon Cafe

This is where the locals have their breakfast. The Chong Choon Cafe is a kopitiam-styled coffee shop with different vendors selling local specialties. You can find Sarawak Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Kolo Mee, etc. here. I didn't like kolo mee before this, but after having it here, I'm totally hooked to it.

Sarawak Cultural Village

After a hearty breakfast, we drove about an hour to the hillside of Mount Santubong for some cultural lessons at the Sarawak Cultural Village. This place is also home to the famous Borneo Rainforest Festival. When it is not hosting a party, this place seems really quiet, peaceful and calming. It is a huge place, be sure to wear comfy shoes. On top of displaying traditional houses of the local tribes, the highlight of the SCV is the cultural show. At the end of the show, you'll get to dance on stage with the performers and I think that was the highlight of our trip. We really enjoyed our visit there.

Tips: Purchase your ticket at the counter instead of online if you're a Malaysian. It's cheaper.

Lunch: Escobar

The only decent place to get some lunch around the Sarawak Cultural Village is Escobar. They serve pork-free meal. Surprisingly, the price was cheap and the portion was huge. For a plate of fried rice, it's about RM12.

Damai Beach

After our lunch, we took a stroll at Damai Beach. The sea is not recommended to swim because it's in the open sea of South China Sea. Waves can be strong here. After all that, we drove back to the city.

Coffee break:  The Commons Cafe

The cafe scene at Kuching picks up really fast. One of the cafe that I personally love is The Commons. The cafe stands out among others because of its reputation as the younger sibling of Penang's China House. But I think it has got its own personality being housed in the old courtroom. The building is amazing and its interior is inviting and comfortable.

Mural scouting around India Street

After charging up at the cafe, we proceed to walk from The Commons to nearby murals. These are the Instagramable spots you don't want to miss. You can work your way from Indian Street and follow along the beautifully painted walls replicating the ordinary life of Kuching habitants.


Breakfast: Chong Choon Cafe

We can't find any other place better than Chong Choon for breakfast, so we were here again. In our defense, there are a lot of stalls to try, so it wouldn't hurt to go back again.

Semenggoh Nature Reserve

The Semenggoh Nature Reserve is a rehab for orang utans. Although it is preserving its natural state, there are a handful of orang utans that keep coming back here. During the feeding time, you can see them hanging about on the trees. But on rainy days or your unlucky days, you might not spot them. There are rangers around to feed the orang utans, it is NOT a petting zoo style where you can carry the orang utan babies. If you want to see the orang utan OG's, you gotta come to this place.

Tips: Check the feeding time online or call the center to confirm the time. It takes about 1.5 hour to reach from the city. We missed the feeding time by a few minutes but still manage to have a glimpse of the orang utan.

Lunch: Feast & Furious

Another cafe to recommend is Feast & Furious. This is more of a foodie cafe where you can enjoy really good meals. The owner is a huge fan of moto sports, so you'll find model of F1 car in the cafe (a life size model, not the ones you collect from gas station). Motor heads should come here. It's like a museum for Motor GP and F1.

Boat ride

You cannot leave Kuching without riding the boat to cross the river. We took the boat to the opposite side to do some souvenir shopping, kek lapis to be exact. The Mira Cake House is the most popular choice. They serve fresh layered cake daily. Some said, the layered cake was made popular by Mira Cake House and now everyone who visit Kuching must bring them back as souvenir. I was so engrossed with the cake that I forgot this is about the boat ride. Simply stand at the platform and the boatman will approach you. The ride cost RM1 for each person.

That is a wrap for our Kuching trip. We hope to come back again next year to climb Mount Santubong and visit the other side of Kuching. 

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