Nov 22, 2019

Follow These 10 Eco-Lifestyle Tips When Traveling

Turtle Point, Redang

Traveling inevitably increases carbon footprints that can harm our environment. Traveling for leisure is becoming a norm and we are living in a generation that we are so grateful to be able to travel further because of the accessibilities. Flight tickets are cheaper, accommodation is so convenient (hello, Airbnb) and travel guides are available on our fingertips. As we indulge in our trips, let's be mindful of what we can do to reduce the impact on the environment.

Be mindful of the carbon footprints you create when traveling

Traveling creates a lot of carbon footprints. In order to save the environment, don’t travel for leisure, 'nuff said. But now traveling has become a necessity and it promotes good mental health. So, find alternative solutions such as travel to nearer place (for example, instead of traveling to the Maldives you can go to Pulau Pangkil in Indonesia). Travel via sea and land will also more environmentally friendly compared to travel via air.

Pack light

The additional kg’s you put on the flight increases the carbon footprint. Traveling light will help. There’s less procedure when you bring only cabin luggage as check-in luggage involves sticker printing, additional handling services, etc.

Use e-tickets

Instead of printing the flight tickets, hotel reservations, etc. online e-ticket is pretty much reliable these days. Just ensure that you have downloaded it into your phone storage and not depending on the internet connection to retrieve the tickets.

Window from hotel room in Lisbon

Reuse your hotel towel

It's nice to have fresh towel everyday, but is it necessary? At home we're fine with using the towel for a week, why not practice the same when you are traveling. Just because the laundry service is convenient, it doesn't mean you need to use the service. Consider reuse the towel up to a week when you're staying in a hotel. It will reduce water usage, electricity and detergent.

Pack your toiletries in travel-size bottles

I notice that a lot of hotels are removing their toiletries and guests have to request it if necessary. This is a movement to reduce the plastic packaging of the toiletries in the hotel industry. If you travel often, reuse some of the travel-sized bottles and pack your own shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, etc. It will take up a little bit of your luggage space but create a huge impact in the long run.

Don’t take what you don’t need

When leaving your hotel room, don't take the unused toiletries with you, or the minibar stuff. Leave it for the next guest to use. This is to reduce the consumption and packaging of the items. The idea is simple, don't take what you don't need to reduce consumption.

Stop buying useless souvenirs

How many times have you throw away the fridge magnet and keychains from your colleagues, or don't remember who gave you the stuff? Stop buying things that are not necessary. Stick to sending postcards. It is more thoughtful.

Pantai Bachok in Kelantan Malaysia

Bring your own water bottle

Bring your own water bottle when traveling and refill it as you go. Stop buying bottled water because technically, the plastic bottles don't get recycled 100%. You can get the collapsible water bottle from Daiso. It saves a lot of space when traveling.

Bring handkerchief & anti-bacterial spray

Instead of using packet tissue paper, invest on an anti-bacterial spray and a handkerchief. Spray the handkerchief with the anti-bacterial solution to wipe your hand. It is, in fact, more hygienic that using paper tissue paper.

Opt for bicycle, bus or on foot  

Plan your trip well and take the opportunity to discover the city by foot, bicycle or bus. If necessary, stop using Uber or Grab to reduce petrol consumption. After all, you'll get to know the place more when you take public transport.

Behind the church in Oia, Santorini

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