Dec 25, 2019

The Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory in Penang

One of my bucket list to tick when coming back to Penang is to have the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory ice cream. I’m a big fan of cheese ice cream and the Tokyo Milk Cheese cookie. It’s the holy grail souvenir from Tokyo that I ask for if anyone ever visit the city. Upon hearing that the company is opening a standalone stall in Penang, I was overjoyed.

You can also find the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

Location: Gurney Plaza Penang, Lot 170-B1-K34/35 (Right next to the entrance of Mercato)
Business hour: Daily, 10am-10pm
Price: Approximately RM20

Besides the famous Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory cookies you can buy here, they have a limited menu of ready made desserts here such as cheesecake, milk pie, and ice cream.

  • Strawberry Milk Cheese Cake RM85
  • Milk Cheese Cake RM75
  • Cow cow Milk Pie RM9.90/piece, RM48/box of 5
  • Hokkaido Soft Serve (cone)  RM18 (limited to 50 comes a day)
  • Hokkaido Soft Serve (cup) RM25 (there are 3 flavours - milk, cheese or twist)

My favourite Ramos absolutely the Cow cow Milk Pie and I highly recommend this. It tastes like cream puff but with cheese filling. The puff is fluffy, crusty and piping hot, while the filling is creamy, soft and melts in the mouth. Warning, it can be quite filling for one person, so don’t be too greedy.

I also ordered the Hokkaido Soft Serve in cup. Although the cone looks tempting, I ordered the cup because it comes with the cheese cake topping which I wanted to try. This is the twist flavour.

Just like any other cheese products, it can be quite filling. Although pricey, I think it’s worth a treat once awhile. All of the items are made from premium ingredients and freshly made, so no complain about the quality.

I feel that it’s worth mentioning to skip the cookies sold there. It’s about RM45 per box, which I find really expensive. I think you can get it in Japan for around RM25 per box. Also, there's limited seat, only three tiny tables and a bench is available for maximum 5 persons, so expect to eat while standing when there's a lot of people. 

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