Jan 17, 2020

Penang Avatar Secret Garden is Out of This World

Did you watch the Avatar movie from a few years back? If you do, you’ll know how mesmerizing the secret garden is. Strings of lights hanging down from the tree, flowers that light up when you touch it, etc. all these create a surreal and out-of-the-world presence. You can experience the Avatar Secret Garden right here in Penang. And the best thing is, it is completely free! Read more to find out how to get there.

First things first, THIS GARDEN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MOVIE AVATAR. It is actually a garden nestled in a temple. When creating this garden, the temple didn't have the movie in mind. It was unintentionally mimicking the secret garden in the movie.

How to get there:

  • Waze or Google Tanjung Tokong Thai Pak Koong or Avatar Secret Garden
  • Bus route 104, get down at the bus stop after Tesco. 
  • There is ample of parking at the foothill of the temple, however it can be crowded during weekends and festive seasons. Parking is about RM5 per entry. 
  • If you walk into the garden (from taking Grab or bus) then the entry is RM1 per person.

Generally, the park is not elderly-friendly, and you're not encouraged to bring a baby stroller as well. There are many steps, ups and downs to walk through. Some of the platforms are shaky too.

I recommend to come here around dusk to enjoy the short stretch of beach here. the view is spectacular. However, be careful of the stray dogs at the beach. They're unstable. I saw them chasing kids before. You can also have your dinner here while waiting for the lights to turn on. It will be lit up around 7:30PM. Here's the day view of the surroundings which is also spectacular.

If I'm going back there the next time, I would have my dinner on the beach at the Pearl Garden Cafe while waiting for the lights to lit at the temple. This is a seafood restaurant, though not that popular in Penang, but it is worth a visit if you're going to go there anyway.


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