May 29, 2020

Menstrual / Period Cup Honest Review

The menstrual cup is a popular item from the zero-waste department lately. When this product was introduced two years back, it was completely mindblown. At that time I had an online store that sold zero-waste products and the menstrual cup was one that keeps selling out. 

Before I begin the review, let's use the nomenclature "orchid" to represent our female body part.


The application of the menstrual cup is easy. Because the product is made of silicone, it can be shaped into smaller insert when you're putting it into your orchid. However, it does take one or two practice before you can get used to it. Also, you might need to adjust a few times to get the sweet spot, so the more you use it, the easier it is to put on. When you are using it the first time, it is advisable to sanitize the menstrual cup. Alternatively, you can just run hot water from the shower to kill unwanted germs and bacterias. This video gives a good demonstration of how to apply the menstrual cup. 

Is it comfortable?

From my personal experience, it is NOT COMFORTABLE. I personally think that our vulva is different, hence the standard menstrual cup isn't going to work for everyone. Also, it depends on your insertion method. Sometimes the cup doesn't flip open, so I had to get it out and putting it again several times. While you're doing that, blood gushing out from the inside. It is not a pleasant experience at all. 

In my case, I have a heavy flow, so it is really troublesome to apply and constantly cleaning it. I also think that my orchid has a small opening, hence making the cup hard to insert and also open once it is inside. 

I think that the question of whether it is comfortable or not - that depends on individual circumstances. 

Sensitivity/allergy concern

One of the reasons I am ditching the menstrual cup is because I have a sensitive orchid. It gets really itchy whenever I put it in. I've tried 2 different brands and the result is still the same. The second one is from Diva Cup which is the Birkin of menstrual cup. I get the same experience with tampons, so it isn't surprising that I can't use the menstrual cup comfortably. If you experience allergy with tampons as well, you might want to reconsider the menstrual cup.

I also think that because it creates the vacuum, bacterias and germs can't escape our orchid. So it starts irritating your skin. Because of this, I don't think it is hygienic to continue using it. 

Is it convenient?

My answer to this is NO! Imagine having to clean the cup every time you shower (in most of the promo statement, brands tend to tell you that you only need to remove it once a day or a few days). The thing that holds the cup onto its place is the vacuum you create when inserting the cup. And the vacuum can break and cause leakage. Don't buy in into the ads that it won't leak. It WILL! depending on your sitting position, the daily activities, and also the structure of your vulva. 

From my two cents - I think that during our period, we already feel disgusted with what's going on underneath. The hormone also causing us mood swings and this whole imbalanced thing is already a BAD EXPERIENCE, to begin with. With the menstrual cup, it creates even more complication and I think I just can't handle it!!! As much as I want to save the environment, I don't think the menstrual cup really helps. I'd rather trade with not eating meat for the rest of my life than using the menstrual cup to the day I menopause. There are so many things you can do to save our planet from pollution, and menstrual cup isn't worth being on the top of the list. So I'm not buying the entire save-the-planet-with-menstrual-cup tagline. I'm not using the menstrual cup ever. Period! #punintended 

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