Apr 15, 2020

Day 29 LOCKDOWN: Phase 3

I've been so slack in updating the MCO story because the new normal is already a norm normal for me. I was expecting this to be a 14-day affair, that turned out to be 28 days and now.... we're on the 3rd phase (additional 14 days). Our independence day has been brought to 29th May 2020, and looking at the statistic, I don't think there is any chance we will be released soon.

From my speculation:

  • New Covid-19 cases have not drop to below 100 cases per day
  • New cluster of cases still happening
  • People are defying the MCO orders
  • Hari raya coming soon, government might further extend MCO to prevent Hari Raya visiting

With that, I can assume that we might be on lockdown til end of May or early June. While this is happening, my job security is deteriorating. One, we're forced to take half day leave each day until 28th May. Since I'm a new hire, I don't have any leave in my pocket, so I'll be getting pay cut.

I'm rolling out a new project now (which is also the reason why I don't update this blog so often). I've also enrolled 2 staffs to help out in this project - namely my brother and my cousin. Will reveal more info soon. 

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