Jan 9, 2017

Amsterdam: The city I sinned

There are millions of stories written about Amsterdam and here's another one to add to the list. The tales I heard about Amsterdam are made of Red Light District, weed smoking, wild parties, prostitution, getting drunk and many more that make up all the seven deadly sins. Here are my share of experiences in the city.

Red Light District

Let's start off with the Red Light District. There is a newly opened Red Light Secrets museum of prostitution. This is the first and only prostitution museum in the world. I call this place a melting culture between the normal world and the world of prostitution. I've never met any prostitute before, let alone speak to one. I find it intimidating to talk to them, so the Red Light Secrets is definitely a place to get to know about the prostitute. It is an eye-opening experience. You will get to see the back office of the pimp, the bedroom and even experience sitting by the window yourself. I went into the museum as an ignorant ordinary person and left the place with additional knowledge on prostitution. Based on social stigma, prostitution isn't a popular choice of profession. However, we have to acknowledge that this trade has been around for million years and make up of million population in this world. Prostitutes are ordinary people with interesting profession.

The Red Light Secrets is located at the Red Light District. It is open daily from 11:00AM - 12:00AM. Tickets cost 10euros and 8euros if purchased online. 

Other tips: Nude shows are available at Casa Rosso and Moulin Rouge, possibly the best in the world. Nope, I didn't go there.

Weed and stuff

You probably already know that Amsterdam legalized weed. You can smell it on every corner of the streets. Fun facts: weed is only legal to be consumed in premise. It is against the law if you smoke weed on the street, but who cares? Another fun facts: Weed is available in coffee shops. They call it a coffee shop, but it doesn't sell coffee, instead the sell handrolled weed, cocktails of weed and other stuff related to weed only. For first timer, stick to The Bulldog Amsterdam, which is the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Ask for mild, medium or strong depending on your preference. Start humble, don't be too ambitious or you will be knocked out on point or throw up in the bathroom. Either way, the bouncer will definitely throw you out of the coffeeshop. They do have strict requirement for the guests to behave well in their premise. This is why I recommend first timers to go there because they are very organized and safe. The Bulldog Amsterdam has different chain businesses which serve as a hotel and also steakhouse. I heard the steak is pretty good too.

The Bulldog Amsterdam is located at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 90, 1012 GJ Amsterdam. A mild joint cost you around 5euros.

Drink & Drunk

One of the thing that I observed was that Amsterdamers do enjoy themselves very much. So much that they take drinking as an art instead of getting mere drunk. I found a little genever brewer in a small alley called Wynand Fockink. Genever is a classic Dutch spirits that sits in between gin and vodka. Instead of strong bitter taste, genever has hundreds of different flavour ranging from spicy to floral or fruity. At the Wynand Fockink tavern, you can taste the different genever before buying a bottle, or simply ask for a shot (the call it a glass and refuse to recognize that as a shot because you have to take your time to enjoy the drink instead of gulp it in like a shot) for only 3euros. Legend says that you can't spill your drinks while drinking from the small glass, so you are ought to take the first sip right from the table before picking the glass up. Now I'm pretty sure I will have streaks of luck coming my way.

The Wynand Fockink is located at Pijlsteeg 31, 1012 HH Amsterdam. 


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