Jan 19, 2017

Hotel Review: The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur & Its Afternoon Tea

The trip to Kuala Lumpur was an unplanned one. With plenty of choices of hotel, we opt for a location which is away from the hustle and bustle of busy traffic but still within the range of KL city. The Majestic Hotel is probably the best choice since it is a stone throw away from KL Central (for easy public transport access) and far enough to keep away the crowd.

Check-in was pretty easy and fast as well. We got our key in less than 10 minutes. The standard room was above our expectation in terms of the size of the room. A king sized bed sits magnificently in the center of the room. There's also a huge lazy bed right next to the window for a comfortable resting.

What awed me the most is the bathroom with a modern bathtub as its center piece of attention. It comes with a TV and also duo wash basin. The shower has duo function - hand held shower and also rain shower. I would say this bathroom is fully equipped and there's nothing more I can ask for (except if they can provide a bigger counter for all my makeups and skincare, that would be a bonus).

The room also has its own study which is nice to have but under utilized. It quickly turned into a storage zone for all my shopping bags and packed food. The large wall mirror also helps a lot when I needed sunlight to do my makeup.

The breakfast was OK. Not much of a variety but good enough to feed a hungry beast in the morning. The hotel also has shuttle service to KL Central and Bukit Bintang, which is really convenient for the guests. The day after I returned, I received a feedback form on my email. I answered honestly. Part of my dissatisfaction was the breakfast which we found tiny stone in the food. The response from the manager was immediate. I always think that the feedback form is only a procedure and never thought that the staff will look into it so seriously. This proves that the staff at The Majestic Hotel really do care about the service they provide to ensure that their guests are satisfied with the hotel.

If you're looking for a hotel that has spotless clean room with modern luxury furniture, The Majestic is where I would recommend. The rate per night is approximately RM500.

While staying at the hotel, I also called up some friends to catch up for an afternoon tea. While exchanging our stories and keeping up with what's going on with our friends' life, it is nice to have some sweets and pastries to go along with the conversation. The Majestic Hotel is one of the well-known location for afternoon tea. There are a few sections where you can choose to have your tea - the Orchid Conservatory, the Tea Lounge or the Drawing Room.

Instead of the usual pastry tray, the foods are presented in a unique rack. The menu of the day is the same for all the guests, except that you are able to choose the tea that you like. Before serving, the staff will give a brief explanation of the types of pastries and sweets. It was really distracting with all the unfamiliar jargons and noises behind which prompted me to suggest them to print out a list of the items and the explanation instead of mumbling it out.

In my honest point of view, it wasn't the best afternoon tea that I've tried in Kuala Lumpur. The food was mediocre. The quantity given was random. We ordered 3 sets, but some of the item came with 1 piece and our tray was filled with 6 scones! The red velvet cake was really good but they served us 1 piece only, which we had to fight for it.

Still, the Majestic Hotel is one of the popular spot for afternoon tea. I must stress that the ambience and hospitality were fantastic. Albeit not getting a table in the Orchid Conservatory, we still enjoyed each other's company at the Tea Lounge. With all the British colonial accent surrounding us, you can't help but feel like you've been transported back in history. True elegance and majestic.

To secure your table for the afternoon tea, do make your reservation a week before. The tea lounge gets really crowded and walk-in customers can hardly get a table because everyone is taking their own sweet time enjoying the tea.


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