Jan 22, 2017

My Travel Beauty Essentials

Packing for my trip isn't that hard, I always stick to the basic clothing. But when it comes to selections of beauty products, I have a huge headache to deal with. Should I just stick to the usual stuff I use? Or should I bring different types of moisturizer just in case my skin changes? Do I need 3 lipsticks or just 1 will do?

Anyway, these are the beauty products that I heavily use during my trip. And if you are traveling to Europe around this time, you might benefit from it too.

Ted Baker Makeup Bag

This makeup bag had been serving me more than 3 years and counting. I remember I bought 2 of it because it is the prettiest makeup bag I've ever seen. I gave one of it to my best friend, because I really don't need 2 of it. It is spacious to fit all my makeups and skincare on the go. And it is also super durable. If given a bath, it will still look brand new. The price was around RM250 each, which I thought was expensive for a makeup bag. But now I think it's worth every penny.

Mary Kay Satin Lips Shea Butter Balm

I'm not a lip balm user when I'm in Malaysia. A tube of lip balm can last me a few years. But in winter, my lips need lots of it. The Mary Kay Satin Lips really helps to keep my lips smooth. I didn't experience any lip chap even though my lips were exposed to temperature below -4 degrees. I apply this right after I shower and leave it for half hour. And then I will use a tissue paper to blot out the product leaving a thin layer on my lips before I apply my lipstick on. 

Too Faced  Melted Velvet Lipstick

A lot of people commented on my red lipstick. It is the Too Face Melted lipstick in the colour Velvet. It photographs really pretty because of the sheen and the vivid colour. To be honest, it is not the lipstick you would appreciate to wear during winter. When the wind blew my hair across my face, it drags the lipstick off and left red trails on my face. It bleeds after awhile. Not the best lipstick to travel, but it photographs well.

Linden Leaves Body Oil

This is my biggest savior during my trip. I have eczema and this is one of the reasons why I don't like being in winter weather. This body oil eliminates half the damage to my skin. I applied it right after I jump out of the shower, the oil keeps my skin moist throughout the day and reduced itching. Although it is a body oil, it doesn't have the oily texture. Once applied on the skin, the oil just absorbed into the skin. I got this from the #IWillBeOkay beauty bag. I still have a quarter left after using it for 3 weeks and I'm saving every drop for my trip to Paris this March. 

Kiehl's Calendula Facial Wash

For the record, I totally forgotten my facial scrub and toner. So I relied on this facial wash alone to do the cleaning on my face. After the whole day out on the street, I am amazed that this Kiehl's Calendula facial wash can clean my skin completely. I didn't experience any breakouts (which is what normally happens whenever I travel). I got this from a gift-with-purchase from Kiehl's.

Zoeva Bamboo Luxury Set

There are a few hit and miss with these brushes. The face brushes are great, but the eyeshadow blending brush doesn't blend well. What I love about these brushes is the case actually. It protects the brush shape and the cylinder opens up into 2 brush holder cups. I put it on the hotel toilet and they display my makeup products nicely. I also put the eyeliners, mascara, eyebrow pencil and lipstick into it. For the girls who are always on-the-go, I do recommend you to get this brush set, not just because of the case, also it has all the brushes you need for everything.

Megurhythm Eyemask

This eye mask is a savior when it comes to dealing with jetlag. I put this on before sleeping on the plane, when I'm extremely tired and when I couldn't sleep a wink. I can't explain the science behind it, all I know is I wake up with a fresh pair of eyes. In my opinion, this is a traveler's must-have.

Face products trio

A few people also commented on my photo that I look radiant. I personally believe it is the face products that I use. They are the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation, NARS Reflecting Loose Setting Powder,  and the Hourglass Iridescent Strobe Lighting Powder. I've said this many times, and I'm going to say it again. The Hourglass highlighter is extremely nice for photographs. It is expensive, but who cares? It makes me look like a celebrity and it can make you look like one too!


This is not a beauty product per se. It's an anti-bacterial spray. I am extremely cautious with bacterias when I'm traveling because I don't want to get sick. I clean my plane seat and table with it, I sprayed my makeup brushes with it, I spray it on my pillow and basically I went on a bacteria holocaust throughout Europe with this. As a result, I didn't get sick and able to enjoy my trip well. I didn't see the bacteria dies, but I think it does its job well. Highly recommended.

Bath & Body Works Hand Paraffin

Forget hand cream. Up your game with hand paraffin. Normally this is only available at manicure salon. But I found it in Bath & Body Works, which is nice. It conceals the moisture of your skin better than hand moisturizer. And it lasts much longer because of the wax base. I call this the heavy dury hand cream which is great for traveling. You don't have to reapply it. Recommended!

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay

The thing I love about Jo Malone is it comes in a smaller size, a sleek bottle which takes up very little space to stuff in the bag. My scent (as I call it) the Blackberry & Bay, is a fresh scent that suits every occasion. It doesn't matter what I wear, or where I go, at anytime of the day, this scent is right for the moment. If you have not try any of Jo Malone's fragrance, I do recommend you to try it yourself. Their perfume is one of a kind - made from fresh ingredients and it doesn't have the top note, middle note rhythm. They have a wide range of scent, go and look for your own scent.

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