Jan 14, 2017

How to buy Laduree Macaron & Laduree Kuala Lumpur Opening Soon

I cannot contain my heart, it's going to pour out macarons. And I may shed tears of joy at any time right now! Behold, I bring you the greatest news to kick off 2017....

LADUREE is opening in MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*At this point you may scream your lung off*

When in Paris, the top of my to-do list is to go to Laduree and grab a box of macaron. I just have to do it. So I did. It's like an obligatory visit for girls when you're in Paris. You can forget about Chanel Rue Cambon, you can forget about Tour Eiffel, you can even forget about The Louvre, but you cannot forget about Laduree...

Trying to look cool, but I'm just controlling my scream inside

You may ask what is this irrational fanatic craze over Laduree. I don't know. And I know I am not the only one. Laduree have spread their wings to a lot of other countries - Japan, UK, Belgium, and even our neighbour country, Singapore. Their presence in Kuala Lumpur brings me huge happiness. It makes me feel like my life is complete, now that I have access to macarons packed in pretty boxes.

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Let me tell you how things work in Laduree, just in case you would want to prepare for your greatest experience in indulging it:

First, you have to know that Laduree has a lot of products under their wings - bakery, restaurant & cafe, stationery, beauty and home interior. They separate the brand under different houses:

Laduree - Bakery
Les Marquis de Laduree - Chocolate boutique
Les Secret Laduree - Stationery & Gifts
Beaute Laduree - Home fragrance
Les Merveilleuses - Cosmetic & Skincare

Now they are venturing into literature as well. Don't be confused. Let's just focus on the bakery. They have a lot of other pastries in their bakery but the famous one is definitely the macaron.

  1. When ordering, the first thing you need to let the shop assistant know is, how many pieces you want, 1 or 3 or 6 or 9 or 12. This is to prepare them for the box. 
  2. Boxes are provided for 6 pieces and above. If you order 1-3 pieces, they're going to pack it in paper bag. The have variety of colours and box design which makes you feel like you want it all.
  3. Then, they will ask you which box you'd like to have. Lastly, pick the macarons flavours that you want from the display. Take note that they also have special flavour for the day. You may be given the flavour menu while you are still queueing up on the line. That will save you some time to decide which one to go to. 

You may experience extreme long queue at Laduree Champs-Elysees. Don't be surprised if you have to wait an hour to be on the queue just to get a box of macaron. It's normal. But there's one trick to skip the queue, which is to pre-order it online. Pick your box and macaron online, and have it request to deliver to you (in Paris only). Alternatively, you can opt for pick-up by appointment. That saves a lot of your time.

Why Laduree is so famous:

  1. It's all about branding. Having really pretty packaging and corporate identity that reflect Paris in a very detailed form has gained fans all over the world. 
  2. The macaron itself is an art of baking. Some says macaron is invented by Louis Ernest Laduree himself. 
  3. It is a brand that made popular by a lot of celebrities and movies (the macaron appeared in Marie Antoinette movie and Gossip Girl series); and is portrayed as the Rolls Royce of macarons.
Now, where is this Laduree going to appear in Malaysia? The location is at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

Photo from Places & Foods travel blog. Do check out the blog for amazing travel tips & first hand news on happenings.

I can't wait!!!! Long live Laduree!!!! 


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