Apr 3, 2020

DAY 15 & 16 LOCKDOWN: Where to get your general information about Covid-19

I notice that a lot of people still unsure what to do if you suspect that you catch the virus. First of all, you need to call the hotline. Please save these phone numbers in your contacts just in case.

03- 8881 0200
03- 8881 0600
03- 8881 0700

You will be given a series of questions on your whereabouts and your contacts. It is important that you keep a record daily on who you met and where you have been to. You will be given instruction to go for test at the nearest lab. The health minister have designated lab for test. Just follow the instruction of the officer on the call. Previously they will send a health officer to take your sample at your house and send to the lab for testing. I guess we don't have the luxury anymore. All the resources have been taken up since the stats are going higher each day.

After you have done that, do a self-isolation. If you can't afford to move to another house, keep in mind to quarantine yourself in a room and use your own toilet. Keep youself away from your family so not to infect another person. Wear a mask at all times and keep your living area clean. If you are positive, the ambulance will take you away.

About costs of the test, it is approximately RM600. If you are confirmed positive, healthcare is free in Malaysia. You don't have the option of which hospital to be treated at. You will be put in ward together with other patients. So, don't assume you can have a single room or be treated at private hospital. If you're negative, you can claim RM300 from your insurance.

It is good to join this group on Facebook: Malaysia Covid-19 Survival Info Group
Malaysia statistics: UKK DOSM (cut off time is at 5PM daily)
World statistics: The Base Lab

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