Apr 5, 2020

DAY 18 LOCKDOWN: Instant Dim Sum Review - Ocean Planet

Today I want to do a food review. This instant dim sum is EXTREMELY GOOD!!! It tastes exactly like the one from the restaurant. No kidding.

Times like these, getting dim sum for breakfast is a treat. The fried prawn roll is the best of all, but the rests such as the siu mai and custard buns taste as good as the ones from the shop. I could only find from the grocery the siu mai, fried prawn roll and custard bun. They do have other dim sum stuff such as crab claw siu mai, glutinous rice in lotus leaf, crystal skin prawn dim sum, radish cake and many more. The next time I do grocery I will stock up like lotttttsssss of dim sum from the Ocean Planet aisle.

Do check it out in the freezer section in your local supermarket or grocery. It is a certified halal. You'll thank me.

I ended the meal with a tonic medlar & osmanthus cake ala Tim Ho Wan's. This is a simple yet delicious and refreshing jelly for dessert. You can check out the recipe here >>>

[Recipe] Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus Cake

Yesterday we had the health officers to come to our place to sanitize the apartment. Thank you, officers! You know, I'm glad I'm living in Malaysia. Our healthcare is so much better than the first world country. And we have strategy and system to combat the Covid-19 problem, unlike other countries that snowballing over each day.

Today's stat: 3662 (61 death)
People I met: Grandma, Kiki, Baby Papa & Small brother
Places I've been to: Home & car

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