Mar 20, 2020

DAY 2 LOCKDOWN: Fear of Food Scarcity

Random thoughts today involve a lot of food supply in my house. I begin to think that I don't have enough of the food supply to last for 14 days. What trigger this was, I spoiled an egg when boiling it. There was a hairline crack and I didn't monitor the pot. So it was completely a mess, I had to throw the egg away. In normal circumstances, I will just throw the egg away without any remorse. But today, I was afraid I don't have enough to feed the family.

In some way, this lockdown experience helps me to reevaluate the importance of not wasting food. I know that's common knowledge, but we really don't give many thoughts about food supply because it has been conveniently available throughout the year for most of us, I included. That one egg breaks my heart because now, I have only 7 eggs for 14 days to feed 4 headcounts.

Today it's also my first time cooking canned food. I began to appreciate what I had before because I never had to eat canned food. Nonetheless, I have to make good use of what I have now. I cooked nasi lemak without the fragrant rice. We had the sambal ikan bilis from Adabi and curry chicken from Yeo's.

I highly recommend the Adabi sambal ikan bilis. It tasted just like the Old Town nasi lemak sambal. I begin to wonder if Old Town contracted Adabi for their sambal. Hmmmm....

Although everyone said not to panic shopping and there are plenty of delivery services, the truth is... shops have a lack of stock and they don't have enough time to replenish it. A lot of households are hoarding the food they don't need. Every time I browse through the online groceries, all the basic food items are out of stock. I will need another round of groceries this weekend. Wish me luck. It's going to be like the Birdbox mission to the groceries.

Working-from-home situate was bad today. I couldn't connect to the company VPN at all. And the worst case happened, my internet died due to the phone line spoiled. Telekom will only fix the issue on Monday. So I practically didn't work at all except attended online meetings via mobile. I'm pretty sure my inbox already exploded.

I get really stressed out for the lack of information due to no access to my email. This is my second week in my job, I really can't screw things up, but I don't have the tool to work independently and I also not familiar with the processes.

I was at the verge of throwing my phone towards my laptop because I felt so handicap. I thought all I needed is the internet to work-from-home, but I've never been so wrong. Since my company have obtained interim operation approval, I will go back to office in the morning if I still can't connect to the internet. If I get caught by the authority for not staying home, this would be my last post for now. 

Today's stat: 900
People I'm in contact with: Grandma, Baby Papa & Kiki
Place I've been to: Home only

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