Mar 19, 2020

DAY 1 LOCKDOWN: Battling with Working-from-Home Environment

First thing first, I know you're going to say Malaysia has no lockdown. I personally think communication is clearer when we label it as "lockdown" instead of Restriction of Movement (ROM). When mentioned ROM, people take things lightly, thinking it is ok to loiter around, so I much prefer the term lockdown.

I decided to keep an account of what is happening for the next 14 days (ROM starts from 18-31 March 2020, may be extended if the number of infection increases). I think I may never live another life to experience this happening again, so I want to be able to look back on what happened.

It supposed to be a work-from-home situation today. But I think I wasted a lot of time chatting on Whatsapp more than I work. Also, comparing to work-in-office, my discipline dropped as bad as the Malaysian currency in the market.

Work-in-office situation

6AM - Wake up; 6:10AM - Make my bed; 6:15AM - Shower; 6:45AM - Makeup; 7AM - Breakfast; 7:30AM - Leave for office

Work-from-home situation

7:50AM - Wake up; 8:00AM - Turn on laptop & started brushing teeth and wash face; 8:10AM - Check important emails and flag it; 8:15AM - Make coffee & bread for breakfast; 8:20AM - Replying email while having breakfast

On top of my lack of discipline working from home, there's also distractions. I was distracted that the fact my bed is only a few steps away. I admit I took a short nap. Distraction from my grandmother is worse. She's assuming I'm on holiday. In total, I've taken up 1 hour to cook and another hour to wash dishes and eat. It's an abundance of time wasted since I suppose to be working. She just couldn't stop talking. I definitely need an isolated place to work tomorrow.

First time ordering Grabfood.

Living around everything nearby, there's hardly any need for me to call Grabfood. But for once, I feel so tired to cook and succumb to the convenience of Grabfood service. I was scrolling the menu and adding them to cart and remove them. Before I knew it, my finger clicked on confirm order and there you go... the driver was on the way to the restaurant.

I feel so sorry for the rider, I keep telling him Thank You. But he said - It's ok and it's his job. I can only pray that the abang Grabfood safe and sound.

We had Dragon-i for dinner. It's quite luxurious despite lockdown. I just remember the reason why I don't order Gradfood... presentation of the food sucks.

Today's stat: 790
People I'm in contact with: Grandma, Kiki, Baby Papa, Small Brother
Place I've been: Home & House lobby


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