Mar 21, 2020

DAY 4 LOCKDOWN: Grocery Situation

I went out for grocery shopping today, it's madness out there. Initially, I went to AEON because I still have lots of AEON vouchers to spend. But the parking was limited and there is a sea of human at the entrance waiting for their turn to go in. I think they limit the number of pax to enter, but I'm not sure because I didn't get down from the car to check out. I went to Giant instead.

Nothing is spared in Giant. Almost ALL of the fresh foods are completely gone by the time I went. It was quite early.

Even Vitamin C is also gone!!! 

See it with your own eyes. There's nothing left for me to buy. I had only very few items on my list, but I can't get anything.

Perhaps I could bring back this lonely potato. 

I'm a practising pescatarian, but in this situation, I don't have much to choose. Today I ate chicken and for the longest time, I forgot how fried chicken tasted like.

I cooked nasi lemak for dinner and we had a sangria party after that. I made a mistake by opening the Penfold Shiraz 2017 and Korean strawberry & blueberry for the sangria. Should have use cheaper wine instead.

Today's stat: 1183
People I had contact with: Grandma, Kiki, Baby Papa, Small Brother, random shoppers in Giant, Giant cashier, Guardian cashier, Eastern Wishes waiter
Places I've been to: Home, Giant, Eastern Wishes Restaurant, Car

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