Mar 29, 2020

DAY 11 LOCKDOWN: Let's Talk About Food

In Malaysia, we're left with 2.5 months of rice. That is not enough for all because the rich will hoard the supply and some sellers might hide it to sell when supply is low. This is a serious issue. We've not touched on the supplies of vegetables and meat. In other words, we're f**ked.

This is also the reason why I've been converting to become vegetarian (currently I'm a pescatarian - I eat mostly vegetables and fish). Vegetables take a shorter time to be "matured" compared to livestock. And in such an unhealthy generation that we're living in, it is best to reduce food-borne illness which often carried in the DNA of animals. The only way to keep ourselves sustainable is to change our diet to plant-based foods.

It's not even 2 weeks of the lockdown and I'm sick and tired of cooking. I think cleaning is the most tiring chores, so today I decided to call for delivery. I called Pinxin Vegan to send me some food and they did not disappoint.

Totally a party!!! Plus, I don't have to clean the plates and won't feel guilty of throwing the packaging since it is paper packaging.

I'm totally digging in to the bolognese and charcoal burger. If you would like to try the food, you can contact them at +604 261 0043. It is free delivery within Penang Island for order above RM60. My order was around RM110 and the food caters for about 5 pax. The price is reasonable, cheaper than ordering GrabFood. Here are some discount codes for you:

Today's stats: 2320 (27 deaths)
People I had contact with: Grandma, Kiki, Baby Papa & delivery guy
Places I've been to: Home & Lobby

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