Mar 23, 2020

DAY 5 LOCKDOWN: Only Head of the Family Allowed to Leave the House

Random photo of the ocean because last night I dreamt I went to an island resort. Hence a throwback photo from my Redang trip.

Last night the government announced that only the head of the family is allowed to leave the house for grocery. You can see all the men started to panic. I had an unfinished grocery mission from the night before, and today I had to try another supermarket. My method is simple... buy whatever you usually see at home and I'll cook whatever you buy.

Hence, I got a peace of mind. No phone call or video call needed to instruct my man what to shop. He got it all right.

I have a message to all wives and mothers - during this pandemic period, you can't choose your veggies, meat, and fruits like how you usually shop. Just ask your husband to grab whatever he can then think of how to cook. Don't add more stress to your husband by giving them difficult instructions to follow. It's already like a warzone at the supermarket, don't add more chaos to it. My man got me some Japanese cucumber, now I'm Googling the recipe what I can do with it.

It's Emma's 1st birthday, but the poor girl had no birthday party and visitors this year. Will make up for it next year if the situation gets better. Happy birthday, Emma!

I've also picked up Korean because I'm tired of reading subtitles when I'm watching Korean dramas. I wished I could just play drama and do my housework at the same time. My friends already completed the entire Itaewon Class drama, yet I'm still at episode 6. It's not easy to learn Korean. I'm already confused in my first class. It gets complicated because I know Chinese and Japanese. My learning is interrupted by the frequency of my brain associating certain words with other languages. I'll keep trying. This old brain needs some exercise.

If you're feeling bored at home, try to learn a new skill. I know most of you are picking up cooking, which is really a good survival skill. đŸ‘đŸģ

Today's stat: 1306 (10 deaths)
People I had contact with: Grandma, Kiki & Baby Papa
Places I've been to: Home

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