Mar 19, 2020

Panic Shopping: 50 Things To-Buy in case of Lockdown

It seems like the coravirus activity isn't slowing down anytime. In Malaysia, we see a spike of people infected on daily basis. At the moment, we still have the luxury of partial lockdown, which means, we still can go out to shop for essential items.

Here are some items that I've narrowed down in case of full lockdown instruction. Better be prepared than be sorry right? Scroll to the bottom for a downloadable list where you can copy & paste into your phone Notes.


1. Prescribed medication
2. General medication (Panadol, cough syrup, etc.)
3. Vitamins
4. Supplements


5. Canned meat
6. Canned vegetables
7. Fresh meat (chicken, beef, fish, etc. Be mindful not to stock up too much)
8. Fresh vegetables (cauliflower, beans, corn, carrots are the ones last longer)
9. Potatoes
10. Onions, garlic, shallots, ginger
11. Dried meat - anchovies, dried shrimps, salted fish
12. Dried vegetables
13. Eggs
14. Boxed milk, powdered milk, baby's milk formula
15. Rice
16. Noodles, vermicelli, pasta, etc.
17. Pasta sauce, sauces, marinate sauce
18. Herbs, salt, flavoring products
19. Flour
20. Grains
21. Coffee, tea, cocoa powder, or any beverage
22. Sugar
23. Cooking oil
24. Cereal
25. Biscuit
26. Snacks
27. Bread
28. Bread spread (butter, jam, Nutella, etc.)


29. Toothbrush
30. Toothpaste
31. Facial wash
32. Body Shampoo, soap
33. Shampoo
34. Sanitary pads
35. Diapers
36. Mouth wash

Cleaning Products

37. Clothes detergent
38. Bleach
39. Sanitizer
40. Kitchen cleaning solution
41. Floor cleaning solution

Emergency Items

42. Lighter, match, fire-starter
43. Drinking water
44. First aid kit


45. Thermometer
46. Face masks (grab as much as you can if you find it)
47. Batteries (for remote control of device you use the most)
48. Sanitizer wipes
49. Toilet roll (no excessive buying)
50. Tissue paper

<<<Click here to download the list >>> 

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