Mar 21, 2020


It's not something to be proud of because I could get caught by the authorities. It was a short drive within an 800m radius from my house. I was trying to find a cake to cheer myself.

First, I went to Starbucks. It was pitch dark inside. Then I went to McDonald's but the McCafe section is closed. Only the regular menu is available. The last resort was to go to Secret Recipe. They closed the entire shop and opened a small table to take the order. Only one customer is allowed to go into the shop at once to place the order.

This whole experience is quite peculiar and rather uneasy. I can't imagine if the government decided to go full lockdown. It would be really devastating. It's only the third day and I can feel the boredom already.

I don't have much to write today. Most of the time I was working (from home). I supposed to go to the office, but I chickened out when I saw no cars on the road in the morning, so I stayed home. Luckily the internet works fine today.

Today's stat: 1030 (plus 1 more death)
People I had contact with: Grandma, Kiki, Baby Papa & Small Brother
Places I've been to: Home, inside my car

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